Valentine's Day Trivia

Valentine’s Day Trivia

Valentine's Day Trivia

Love is in the air, and so are some fascinating facts! People enjoy Valentine's Day trivia for several reasons and below are some Valentine's Day trivia questions to test your knowledge. You can also easily use this as a valentine's day trivia printable. We hope that this Valentine's Day Trivia post inspires you. 

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Festive Fun and Learning: Trivia provides a lighthearted and engaging way to celebrate the holiday. It adds a playful element to the day, allowing people to bond over shared knowledge and learn new things about a topic they (presumably) enjoy.

Connection and Competition: Whether played in groups or individually, trivia fosters connection and friendly competition. Sharing knowledge and competing for the top score can be a fun way to spend time with loved ones or friends, adding a spark to the Valentine's Day festivities.

Nostalgia and Memory Jogging: Valentine's Day trivia often incorporates pop culture references, historical facts, and romantic traditions. Engaging with these can trigger warm memories, reminisce about past experiences, and create new shared moments.

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Brain Stimulation and Challenge: Trivia challenges your knowledge and keeps your mind active. Answering questions in different categories, like literature, movies, or music, stimulates the brain and provides a sense of accomplishment when you get the answer right.

Conversation Starter and Icebreaker: Valentine's Day trivia can be a great conversation starter, especially for those who might feel shy or awkward on the day. It provides a neutral topic to discuss, learn about your loved ones' interests, and discover their hidden knowledge.

Accessibility and Versatility: Similar to coloring pages, trivia is accessible, versatile and just feels good. You can play it at home, restaurants, bars, or even virtually, adapting the difficulty and questions to fit your audience and occasion.

Unique Twist on Traditional Celebrations: Trivia offers a unique twist on traditional Valentine's Day activities. It goes beyond chocolates and flowers, adding an intellectual and interactive element to the celebration, which can be refreshing for some.

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Valentine's Day Trivia

History & Origins

True or False: The origins of Valentine's Day can be traced back to an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia, known for its wild and suggestive rituals.

  • True! Lupercalia, celebrated mid-February, involved matchmaking rituals and playful teasing.

Which famous saint is associated with Valentine's Day, and why?

  • Saint Valentine: There are a few theories, but he's generally associated with secretly marrying couples defying a Roman emperor's ban.

When did the tradition of sending Valentine's Day cards begin?

  • Early 1800s: Mass-produced Valentine's cards became popular then.

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Fun & Facts

What is the most popular candy given on Valentine's Day?

  • Chocolate! Followed by flowers and jewelry.

What is the busiest day for florists in the United States?

  • Valentine's Day itself! Florists see a significant surge in business.

What country sends the most Valentine's Day cards?

  • South Korea! They exchange elaborate gifts and chocolates.

What is the meaning behind the different colors of roses given on Valentine's Day?

  • Red (love), pink (admiration), white (purity), yellow (friendship).

What is the most popular way to celebrate Valentine's Day around the world?

  • A romantic dinner is popular worldwide, followed by exchanging gifts and spending time with loved ones.

Can you name a famous love story celebrated on Valentine's Day?

  • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a classic example.

Do you know any interesting traditions or customs associated with Valentine's Day in other cultures?

  • Japan: In some regions, women gift chocolate to men on Valentine's Day, with men reciprocating a month later on “White Day.”
  • South Korea: Singles celebrate “Black Day” on April 14th by eating black noodles.

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Fun Valentine's Day Trivia for Kids


  1. What is the most popular flower given on Valentine's Day? Answer: Roses!
  2. True or False: The first Valentine's Day card was sent from a king? Answer: False! It was sent by a duke while imprisoned.
  3. What animal symbolizes love and is often associated with Valentine's Day? Answer: Doves!
  4. What color hearts traditionally represent love and friendship? Answer: Red and pink!
  5. What popular candy conversation hearts first said “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me”? Answer: Sweethearts!


  1. In what month was the first box of Valentine's Day chocolates created? Answer: February, of course!
  2. What country sends the most Valentine's Day cards each year? Answer: The United States!
  3. Where does the tradition of exchanging Valentine's Day cards come from? Answer: England, in the 1400s.
  4. What Roman goddess is associated with love and marriage? Answer: Venus!
  5. What mythical creature is known for shooting arrows of love? Answer: Cupid!

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  1. What famous playwright coined the term “star-crossed lovers”? Answer: William Shakespeare!
  2. What does the “X” in “XOXO” stand for? Answer: Hugs and kisses!
  3. Which state in the US has a town called Valentine? Answer: Texas!
  4. What was the original purpose of wearing a “locket” necklace? Answer: To hold a lock of hair from a loved one!
  5. What animal's mating season was believed to start on February 14th in medieval times? Answer: Birds!

PRO TIP: Encourage kids to create their own Valentine's Day trivia questions and answers based on their favorite things or their imagination!

Valentine's Trivia for Adults


What notorious king declared Valentine's Day an official holiday in England in 1537?

  • Answer: Henry VIII (known for his many marriages and…well, beheadings)

In ancient Rome, the festival of Lupercalia, celebrated on February 15th, involved a ritual where young men would whip young women with strips of animal hide. What was the supposed purpose of this practice?

  • Answer: To increase fertility! (Not exactly romantic, but historically interesting)

What was the first commercially produced Valentine's Day candy in the US?

  • Answer: Conversation hearts, with messages like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me” (though they weren't always so sweet in the past, sometimes containing mean-spirited messages)

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The phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” originated from a medieval practice of knights doing what with their lady's favor?

  • Answer: Sewing it onto their sleeve as a symbol of their affection (a bit more permanent than a modern-day pin)

What famous French writer penned the scandalous novel “Lady Chatterley's Lover,” which was banned in the US for its explicit sexual content?

  • Answer: D.H. Lawrence (not exactly a traditional Valentine's Day association, but adds a bit of spice!)

In ancient Greek mythology, what was the name of the mischievous god of love who used his bow and arrows to make people fall in love?

  • Answer: Eros (Cupid in Roman mythology)


The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text, is a comprehensive guide to what? (Hint: not just cooking)

  • Answer: Lovemaking and sexual practices (a more risqué take on Valentine's Day traditions)

In Victorian England, there was a tradition of sending “Vinegar Valentines,” which were essentially anonymous hate mail disguised as love letters. What was the purpose of these?

  • Answer: To express spite, jealousy, or rejection in a seemingly romantic way (a dark twist on the holiday)

The song “Let's Get It On” by Marvin Gaye was originally written for his wife but was later re-released as a single with a slightly different message. What was the original message intended for his wife?

  • Answer: A heartfelt apology for infidelity (a complex and relatable theme for some)

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Other Fun Games to Play on Valentine's Day

  • Play a “Name that Love Song” round with obscure or classic love songs.
  • Have a blind taste test of different chocolates and guess the flavors (add a spicy option for an extra challenge!)
  • Create your trivia questions based on your relationship or shared interests.

Remember to adjust the difficulty of the questions based on the age and knowledge level of the kids playing. Keep the tone lighthearted and respectful, even with the spicy questions.  Have fun celebrating Valentine's Day with a touch of learning and laughter! The appeal of Valentine's Day trivia boils down to personal preference and how you choose to celebrate the day. If you enjoy learning, connecting with others, and having fun in a festive atmosphere, then Valentine's Day trivia might be the perfect activity for you and your loved ones. We hope that this Valentine's Day Trivia post inspires you. Good luck!

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