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Oral B Stages

oralbstages2As part of the SheSpeaks program, I was recently sent a few toothbrushes for my children as part of the Oral-B® Stages campaign. A little package came a few days ago with one Disney® Cars toothbrush, one Disney® Princesses toothbrush, two samples of Crest® toothpaste and two coupons for $1.00 off any two Oral-B adult manual or Oral-B Stages manual brushes.

My son (the chief mail getter in the family) came running in with the package and before the words “can I open this?” were out of his mouth, the package was torn open. He was examining his new toothbrush when his sister walked in. She started jumping up and down because she is so obsessed with Disney® Princesses that she frequently wears a princess costume for days at a time.

My kids ran into the bathroom to brush their teeth. What? Seriously folks that is what happened. Here is what Oral-B has to say about the Stage 3 brushes:

“Oral-B Stage 3 is for kids who have a full set of baby teeth. At this stage, permanent molars are beginning to grow in while some baby teeth are lost. The brush features cup-shaped bristles that surround each tooth and a Power Tip that easily reaches around and behind back teeth. The larger handle and non-slip grip will help your child improve dexterity and brushing technique.”

I took a look at the brushes and noticed that the grip pad made them a little easier to hold. The bristles have a shape unlike any toothbrush I have ever seen. My son said “this feels more better on my teeth.” [ACTUAL QUOTE] The characters definitely helped and Oral-B is a brand that I trust. Since that first day, my kids have been excited about brushing and have done so without having to be reminded which makes this mama extremely happy.

I even visited the Oral-B website which has some great tips to get kids to brush their teeth, among other things.

Thanks to SheSpeaks for this opportunity to try this great product!


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