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Hello Spring – Bye Bye Winter

For me, winter is always depressing. Not that the winters in Georgia are that bad but there is just something about this time of year. I cannot wait for it to be over. Give me spring or fall any day. In fact, I could just skip winter all together. It could be that winter doesn't really feel like winter in Atlanta, Georgia. This year it was a little different because we had a little snow. That's right people, S – N – O – W. Snow in Georgia. Woohoo! The entire state shut down like it usually does when we have snow (every ten years or so).

I have lived all over the United States but I have never driven in snow. Which was ok because my son had the day off of school and we didn't have to go anywhere. Yep, a snow day in Georgia. We had so much fun on our snow day. Snow is a novelty to us Georgians. My kids had never been in the snow, two of them had never even seen snow and they all fell in love. We built snowmen (although I think that the politically correct term is snow people), we frolicked in the snow and we made snow cones. We even used my boogie board to slide down our yard.

Now here is the cool thing that really got my son. The snow melted but the snowmen did not. They lasted an extra week after the snow had melted even though the temperature had risen significantly. He made cajoled pleaded for begged asked me to drive around from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, to see the various snowmen. The following is a tribute to my son and a little glimpse into the snowmen builders of Georgia.

The people below clearly have lived in the North!


These people clearly live in Georgia.


And these people, well I am not too certain. I guess this is how the rich people build their snowmen. Well or at least how their butlers build them. 🙂 Cute snow couple!


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  1. Amy

    I completely agree. I’m in Alabama and winter is just crazy here. I could skip it here also, but I really did enjoy the blast of real winter when I went to New York a few weeks ago. The cold is different up there too. Maybe because it’s so humid here, but there’s a difference. Our snowman lasted for a few days after that snow also even though everything else was gone.

  2. Where is poor old frosty’s magic hat?

  3. Nic

    The one with the scarf is pretty good! My family lives in Georgia, I cant believe the snow!

  4. I live in Canada and we NEVER get to see snowmen and green grass at the same time! I love these pictures!


  5. sheila

    thanks for finding me on the blogparty! Nice site you have. I’ve got to say, this snowman post actually DID make me laugh out loud! ha ha ha!

    Anyhow, I’m from Ohio. We built a 5 ft high snowboard ramp in our front yard this year. I’m so ready for spring I can’t begin to express it!

  6. That Georgia snowman looks about how ours did. Just add a layer of fall leaves. Thanks for stopping by my Tipsy site for UBP!

  7. lorrie

    those pics are cute, I live in the north and we get bad winters here I hate winter I want it to be summer already

  8. Jen

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! We lived in CT for 4 yrs and had our share of snow during that time! Hope spring comes soon for you!

  9. Debra P

    I lived in Alabama for a year. We never did have snow so that must have been quite different for you. I like the snowman with the scarf. I love seeing things so out of place like a snowman in Georgia!

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