New Years Safety Tips
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New Years Safety Tips

New Years Safety Tips

Most people are more than ready to wave goodbye to 2020 and welcome the new year. Just like the past year, this celebration will be one for the books. However, you shouldn’t have to risk your life or someone else’s to have fun on New Year’s Eve.

Everyone can still have a good time and stay safe, happy, and healthy by making wise choices. We hope that this New Years Safety Tips post inspires you. 


New Years Safety Tips

New Years Safety Tips


On a night when champagne is flowing and the confetti is flying, this may require a bit more planning. Here’s how to put safety first and without being a party pooper. 


Stay Inside 

Most people like to dress up for New Year’s Eve, even if they’re attending a small celebration. Of course, high heels and a dress will ensure your photo is ready.

However, they aren’t ideal for trekking through the snow or taking pictures outside. If the ground is slippery enough, you could fall and injure yourself.

The odds of you taking a nasty tumble are even higher if you’ve been drinking. Therefore, it’s best to stay inside on New Year’s. Keep your feet planted and set up a cute backdrop indoors to prevent icy falls and broken wrists.

If you have to brave the wind and snow to make it up your friend’s porch steps, bring a pair of boots and switch into heels once you’re inside and ready to party. 


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Pop Champagne Carefully

Champagne is an NYE staple. The bubbly beverage marks the joy and sanctity of the occasion and makes for easy sipping. However, popping a bottle doesn’t come without some risk.

A champagne cork can fly up to 50 miles per hour, fast enough to split a human eyeball in half and cause other serious injuries.  Thus, you must point the bottle away from other partygoers and hold it at a 45-degree angle.

Cover the top with a towel and slowly twist the cork off. You should hear a gentle puff, not a loud pop. While this method is a little less exciting, it will ensure everyone keeps their eyesight.


Pace Yourself 

If you plan to celebrate with a drink in your hand, pacing yourself is key to having a safe and healthy NYE. Know your limit and eat, first to slow your body’s absorption of alcohol in your digestive tract.

You might also consume high-protein snacks between drinks to further slow absorption so you can drink more over a longer period. Consider diluting your beer or cocktail with some lemon-lime soda to keep you from reaching for another drink too soon.

Sip water between drinks as well to prevent dehydration and a debilitating hangover the following morning. 


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Designate a Driver 

Roughly one-third of all traffic deaths involve drunk drivers. On New Year’s Eve, however, this rate jumps about 10% higher. So, if you’re planning to drink, do not drive.

Instead, designate someone to stay sober and drive everyone home. If none of your friends want to drive, plan with an Uber or Lyft. Take public transportation or offer to pay a family member for a ride.

Shelling out a few dollars for a safe ride home is more than worth it, especially with ice, wind, snow, and all those other crazies on the road on NYE. 


Go in a Group

Whether you’re a guy or a gal, NYE festivities are safer with a buddy. Keep an eye on your surroundings, your drinks, and each other no matter where you are.

Stay sober enough to look out for one another, especially if you’re heading to a crowded bar downtown. Better yet, find a group of friends and celebrate NYE together.

If you decide to go this route, plan to stay at one person’s house or use a personal safety app to track your friends’ locations throughout the evening.

This way, no one will end up missing or lost. More importantly, you can make sure that everyone gets home safely, even if they forget to send a confirmation text. 


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Skip the Fireworks

Last year, fireworks sent roughly 10,000 Americans to the hospital, and nearly 40% of them were children under the age of 15. While some of these injuries may have been self-inflicted, parents are still responsible for maintaining a safe, firework-free environment for their kids. 

This year, prevent unnecessary injuries by skipping the fireworks and lighting a few sparklers instead. Celebrate with noise-makers, confetti, balloons, and other safe alternatives instead.

Offer some to your neighbors to encourage them to keep their pyrotechnics to a minimum and keep your whole community safe in the process. 


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Just Stay Home

Of course, one of the best ways to have a safe and healthy NYE is to just stay home. With COVID-19 cases on the rise again, it may be wise to celebrate alone this year.

Watch the ball drop on TV or experience it live with virtual reality through your mobile device. Cheers to your spouse and kids and make up a new holiday tradition that you can enjoy together as a family.

You might just have so much fun you won’t ever want to go out on New Year’s again. We hope that this New Years Safety Tips post inspires you. Happy New Year's. 


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