Maid Of Honor Bouquet Ideas
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Maid Of Honor Bouquet Ideas

Maid Of Honor Bouquet Ideas

Getting married isn't all about tying the knot with the person you love the most. Yes, it's the highlight of the event, but you should also think of it as an exceptional opportunity to bring together the people you love. Your friends, family, and everyone you and your partner cherish should all be there to witness the day you say ‘I do.' Of course, you've curated the perfect list of people who'll be part of your wedding entourage. From your bridesmaids to groomsmen, and flower girls, and who'll bring your beautiful wedding rings, you sure can't just pick anybody. The groom naturally chooses his best man according to his preference while you're also expected to select your best girl to be the maid of honor. We hope that this Maid Of Honor Bouquet Ideas post inspires you. 

Maid Of Honor Bouquet Ideas

Maid Of Honor Bouquet Ideas

Being a maid of honor is a huge responsibility, and whoever you pick indeed feels its weight. In return, your task as a bride is to make sure your maid of honor gets the special attention and treatment she deserves. Aside from her dress, there's one element that sets apart the maid of honor from the rest of the wedding entourage, and that's her bouquet. 

If you're done picking the designs and arrangements for your bridesmaids’ flower bouquets, don't forget that the one for your maid of honor needs to be extra special. Here are some tips and ideas you could try to come up with a maid of honor bouquet that she'll surely love: 

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Ask Her Favorite Flowers 

It may be your day, but it's your right-hand woman who'll be holding the bouquet as the maid of honor. As such, it's important that she likes what she's holding throughout the event. You can ask her what her favorite flowers are to see if you can incorporate those in your wedding theme. Or, even if her choice of blooms doesn't fit the theme, you can make an exemption because, after all, hers should be unique.

Alternatively, you can make a special floral arrangement for your right-hand woman while still being under the wedding budget. You can still make use of the wedding's theme, but make sure to feature her favorite flower in the middle of the bouquet. That way, it'll still have her personality and taste. If she loves sunflowers, at least one big blooming sunflower should be enough to accentuate her bouquet. You can also look into other big flowers that can be used as a centerpiece for her bouquet such as peach roses or other colors and peonies.

Add A Special Ribbon

If it can't be helped that your maid of honor's bouquet is somewhat similar to the other bridal party members, you can still think of ways to add uniqueness to her blooms. One good idea is to add a unique and trailing silk ribbon to her bunch of flowers. The ribbon could be of any color that matches the motif of your wedding. People will immediately know something special about the bouquet and the woman holding it because of the added touch of specification. 

This idea is also easy on the pocket, particularly if you're trying to not go overboard with your budget. The silk ribbon won't even cost that much, but the extra highlight it can give to your maid of honor is definitely worth the effort.

Match Her Hairstyle With Her Bouquet

Another thing you can do to make your maid of honor's bouquet stand out from the rest is to match the floral arrangement to her hairstyle for the day. You can ask her if there's a particular hairstyle she's planning to wear on the big day so you can choose flower varieties that could match the do. You can even pick delicate tiny flowers that she can use to adorn her hair if she's planning for a braid or natural curls.

Add Succulents For A More Unique Look

Adding greeneries to bouquets is already a common thing, so why not try adding succulents instead? Your best lady will surely appreciate how you've taken the time and effort to look into different ways you can make her bouquet extra special. Succulents are just the perfect pairing for delicate flowers since they're small and dainty, too.

The idea is fitting if you have a bohemian or rustic-themed wedding. The flowers will have an extra character because of the succulents. You can consider using varieties such as strings of pearls, rose-like echeveria, and aeonium to create the perfect maid of honor's bouquet.

Your maid of honor surely has done her best to ensure everything will be perfect for your wedding day. From preparing your bridal shower to organizing a group chat for all the bridesmaids, she's staying on top of the things that need to be done. It's only fitting that you do her a small but meaningful favor by making sure her flower bouquet is extraordinary. We hope that this Maid Of Honor Bouquet Ideas post inspires you. 

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