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How to Create a Glam Room 

How to Create a Glam Room 

Every young girl’s dream is to grow up to own a fabulous walk-in wardrobe. We’ve seen it in movies countless times, the never-ending racks of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. However, walk-in wardrobes are now a thing of the past. Celebrities have put aside their walk-in wardrobes in exchange for fully-fledged glam rooms. We hope that this How to Create a Glam Room inspires you. A glam room is a specific room in the house dedicated to getting dolled up. Think of it as a combination of a beauty parlor, changing room, and walk-in wardrobe. Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and Britney Spears have catapulted this trend. Several factors make an amazing glam room, here are four steps you can follow to create yours. We hope that this How to Create a Glam Room post inspires you. 

How to Create a Glam Room 

How to Create a Glam Room 

Wardrobe Space 

Every good glam room needs some space for clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. You may not have enough space to fit your full-blown wardrobe, however, there are still ways to get around this. You could choose to keep a clothing rack in your glam room filled with your favorite seasonal pieces. Rolling garment racks are great because they let you showcase your trendiest pieces, and they allow you to visually combine outfit ideas. Some of these racks even come equipped with organizers for sweaters, shoes, and boots. 

Shelves are also a great way to maximize the space in your glam room and can be used to showcase your shoe or bag collections. Try to organize these by color coordination as it keeps things both tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Wooden ladders also give a chic look to any glam room and can be used to store scarves, handbags, and accessories. To hang up sunglasses, necklaces, or earrings you can install wall racks. These are very useful because they avoid any scratched sunglasses, tangled necklaces, or lost earrings. 

Beauty Station 

The second most important aspect of a glam room is the beauty parlor. This is the area of the room in which you can sit down and do your hair or makeup. The most important part of the vanity area is the lighting. As we all know, perfect lighting is the key to having great makeup. These are some of the best led strip lights for a makeup station as they can easily be stuck onto the wall behind your mirror. Other essential items include comfortable seating, storage items for your makeup, and scented candles.

Styling Area  

A full-length mirror is a must-have in any glam room! This way you can see the final product of your styling choices and go back to the drawing board if needed. An easy way to spruce up a mirror and give it that luxurious feel is by adding a faux fur rug and placing some wicker baskets for storage at the bottom of the mirror. It’s also helpful to have a good amount of lighting around your styling area. Try to place the mirror near some natural sunlight or place led lighting around the frame of the mirror. 

Depending on how small or large your glam room is, you can include a special lounge area. This can double as a small seating area for your friends to sit down, have a drink, and keep you company whilst you’re getting ready. Decorate the table with some fashion-related coffee table books and you’re all set to go. 

Glamorous Decor 

After you get through the organization and design of the room you can get to the most fun part – the decoration! It wouldn’t be much of a glam room if the room wasn’t decorated in an extremely glamorous way. This includes feature pieces like a chandelier or an accent wall. An accent wall or mural is an easy way to make the room feel alive. You could add a neon sign or write an inspirational quote on the wall to make it the perfect ‘Instagrammable’ spot. Another fun idea is to hang up pictures of your icons, they don’t have to be celebs, they can be photos of your friends or family! 

Keeping your glam room organized and tidy is a must! If your glam room is over-cluttered and messy you won’t be as keen to go inside and use it. After a few months, it will end up becoming an extra room that you use to store junk, so try to tidy it after every use. Your glam room should be your haven and a place to truly enjoy the process of getting dolled up. What are you waiting for? Get started, your glam room awaits! We hope that this How to Create a Glam Room post inspires you. Happy decorating!

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