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Native American Headdress Craft for Kids

Native American Headdress Craft for Kids

Native American Headdress Craft for Kids

Teaching children about the real meaning of Thanksgiving is so important. This is a wonderful chance to talk about the Native Americans and the role they played in the first Thanksgiving. Enrich this lesson by creating a Native American Headdress as the one you see here. This native american crafts for kids and indian headband craft template are economical history lesson. This head dress is perfect for little hands to craft and can be completed for just pennies. Take a look at how to get started. We hope that you love this Native American Headdress Craft for Kids.

Native American Headdress Craft for Kids



  1. Begin by cutting 2-3 strips (about 2 inches thick) of the brown felt. The number of strips will depend on the size of your child. You will need enough so that when connected, the felt fits around their head. We didn't use a paper headband template or anything but it's easy to create this indian headband with feathers.
  2. Attach the strips to each other with your glue. Press them together end to end and hold in place until the glue is dry and secure. Your headband is now created.
  3. Embellish the head band by cutting small strips of tan felt. You can then add glue and arrange these to the brown felt. We created a simple zig zag pattern.
  4. Now, attach the feathers. Simply add some glue and press them to the headband. They will take a little while to dry, so don’t rush this step.

Your Native American Headdress can now be enjoyed this Thanksgiving or really any time. This is also perfect for those native american art projects for elementary students or a native american art projects for 4th grade. Children will love wearing their headdress and seeing how they look in it, and you will love how easy and educational this craft is. Gather your supplies and give this fun Thanksgiving craft a try. We hope that you are inspired by this Native American Headdress Craft for Kids. Happy crafting!

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