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How to Prepare for a Wonderful Thanksgiving

How to Prepare for a Wonderful Thanksgiving #ThankfulToBeClogFree

This How to Prepare for a Wonderful Thanksgiving #ThankfulToBeClogFree post is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr. The opinions and text are all mine.

How to Prepare for a Wonderful Thanksgiving #ThankfulToBeClogFree

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I'm so excited. It's a time to get together and enjoy family and friends. Here is how to prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, so the whole thing doesn't go down the drain. You need know How to Prepare for a Wonderful Thanksgiving and how to be certain that you are clog free with Liquid-Plumr. #ThankfulToBeClogFree

1. Start prepping early

When it comes to preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, you should know that starting early is always the key. Starting early helps you to plan and not leave out anything of importance.

2. Get creative with your hosting

Hosting Thanksgiving is a lot of work, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. Make sure you get a little creative with the hosting this year. Get turkey hats for everyone to wear, try it, you'll be surprised at how something so goofy can end up being the highlight of everyone's day. If not, get them for the kids.

3. Stick with what you know.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner isn't the time to experiment, it's the time to stick with what you know. Preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving meal comes by sticking with what you know. Don't feel bad about cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

4. Cook the day before.

This is a secret that I'm not afraid to share. However, cooking the day before has been a big lifesaver for me when it comes to being a great Thanksgiving host. For some reason, cooking the same day stresses me out to no end. Cooking the day before allows me to relax!

liquid-plumr-45. Stay clog free.

I don't want a disaster to happen on Thanksgiving Day. Which is why I'm prepared to be clog free. Make sure your Thanksgiving down the drain. Around here, we make sure our clogs are good to go and we do this with Liquid-Plumr. Liquid-Plumr helps to prevent clogs happening in your sinks. Not only that, but Liquid-Plumr can help keep your pipes smelling fresh.

liquid-plumr-2Did you know that the most common cause of clogs are hair, grease, and soap scum? Statistics say that Thanksgiving is usually the day that people are calling a plumber. That won't be you this year, because you'll be covered with Liquid-Plumr.

Fixing the household drains is possible to DIY! When you use the right products, it's easier to keep your drains running smoothly. Liquid-Plumr has been keeping drains clear for over 35 years. Liquid-Plumr is also perfect for any drain type. Whether you have a 50-year-old drain or a new drain, Liquid-Plumr can get your drains moving quickly again.

liquid-plumr-3Have a tough clog?

Liquid-Plumr Full Clog Destroyer™ to the rescue! You no longer need your plunger! This gel is formulated to cut through the toughest clogs! Get this, Full log Destroyer is very effective on full clogs and slow flow drains, and with regular0 monthly use can help keep your pipes flowing freely.

liquid-plumr-1Check out GloZell's Don't Clog My Thanksgiving Video

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Shauna

    I always pre-make what I can. IT is so important, especially this year that I am working on Thanksgiving. Oh, and staying clog-free is a must. LOL

  2. These are great tips! I’m all about being prepared and trying to make sure I can tackle any kind of emergency that might arise! Definitely going to invest in some liquid plumr –just in case!! You never know what is going to happen when you have a full house for thanksgiving!

  3. Meagan

    Haha, totally agree, stick with what you know! Thanksgiving day is not the day to experiment new recipes haha

  4. These are all great tips! We had a clog once during a big holiday and no one told anyone and the sink overflowed. Not. good.

  5. Totally agree with taking two days off so that you can cook the day before. I love being extra prepared and sometimes, that advanced day work doesn’t seem like enough!

  6. These are great tips for Thanksgiving!! Having a clogged drain during Thanksgiving and having guests over would be the worst.

  7. I definitely plan ahead for any holiday meal and like to cook what I can beforehand. Getting a clog on Thanksgiving wouldn’t be fun.

  8. These are all great tips! We had a clog once during a big holiday and the bathtub made a huge mess! 

  9. Amy Desrosiers

    I am so guilty of dumping soups, cereals and whatnot down my toilet. I should really have a bottle of this on hand!

  10. Great tips for Thanksgiving prep. One reason I have learned that you don’t want to call the plumber on Thanksgiving unless you absolutely have to because you’ll have to pay a lot more for holiday service. Liquid Plumber to the rescue next time!

  11. Great tips. I am the WORST to decide to try a new recipe when everyone is coming over. So dumb.

  12. Elizabeth Lampman

    I always try to cook as much as I can the day before a holiday. I will have to try these tips. I want to be able to relax and spend time with my family.

  13. Lisa Bristol

    I always prepare as much as I can in advance. It is always nice to be able to join in on all the fun with the kids.

  14. Reesa Lewandowski

    Funny enough, we needed Liquid Plumber after Christmas dinner last year! My sink completely backed up!

  15. These are great tips, and a good item to have there.  It would be a nightmare to have guests over and a clog! 

  16. Such awesome tips you have here! I think it would be amazing if you have that Plumr handy during the holidays!

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