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Support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in the Miracle Marathon

Miracle Marathon LogoI’m thrilled to share that I’m serving as a lead blogger for this fall’s Miracle Marathon, specifically in support of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in! Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raise funds for 170 children’s hospitals across North America. When a donation is given it stays in the community, helping local kids. How great is that?


The Miracle Marathon is a 27-day virtual fundraising campaign in which participants run/walk (or achieve forward motion of any kind!) one mile per day at their leisure. The first 26 days are completed at your own pace—wherever and whenever you want. On Day 27, the final 1.2 miles will be started as a group at 2:27 pm EST.

Get it? It’s a marathon, plus a mile, for the kids! And it’s perfect for those of us who like the idea of completing a marathon but would rather not complete all the miles at once!

Please join me and register to support my team supporting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta or another Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Tell your friends too! Laurel in Hospital 1


See that picture above? That is my daughter, Laurel who was born with a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. She had open heart surgery at just four months old. My world stopped for almost five months as we nursed our daughter through and following the surgery.

The people at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta helped us get through one of the most trying times in our lives. We spent three weeks with our daughter in the hospital and they were amazing. The nurses reminded me to leave the room and that our child was ok. They took care of our entire family along with our little girl.

I try to give back to Children's whenever I can and that is why I am excited to be a part of The Miracle Marathon!

Miracle Marathon


 Now you can participate and register as a Miracle Maker (includes fun swag) with the code MiracleStacie to sign up to get 10% off of your registration.. Join my team or you can choose to have your donation benefit any of the 170 network hospitals in US/Canada.


Visit my fundraising page at Miracle Marathon to support me and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

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This post was made possible through the support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. All opinions are my own.

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  1. That such a great cause. I hope they raise tons of money for it!!

  2. That just breaks my heart. I think this is a wonderful network.

  3. Wow what a great cause! Your daughter is truly a little miracle.

  4. Children’s Hospitals are one of the things I try and always support. Those kiddos need all the help they can get.

  5. look at the sweet babe! i hope the miracle marathon raises tons of money and awareness. let us know how it all turns out.

  6. What an inspiration you and your daughter are. And this is such a worthy cause. I love supporting children’s hospitals. Those doctors and nurses are saints.

  7. Good for you, I fully support this! My oldest had heart surgery at 18 months and stayed at a hospital partner of the childrens miracle network. I cannot love them enough – for all that they did for her and us!

  8. That is just horrible you had to go through that with your daughter. I am from Atlanta, so I know how wonderful this organization is.

  9. So sad! Makes me so thankful I have healthy children. What a great cause to help those who are not well.

  10. I have a little girl who was born with several heart defects. Charities like these mean a lot because even I didnt think I would be able to afford it.

  11. Charities like these mean so much. What a great cause to help children’s hospitals.

  12. This is such a great cause! I would totally do 27 miles in 27 days!

  13. Shauna

    Oh my goodness, what a blessing to be a part of such a great organization… I would totally do 27 miles in 27 days

  14. I’m so happy that your daughter pulled through. What a horrifying thing to go through! No wonder you’re part of such a great cause.

  15. What a great cause. I’m so happy you’re able to give back to those who helped you so much. Great post!

  16. Wow. That had to be the scariest time of your life. I’m glad you were able to get the help for your daughter that she needed, and I’m glad to know there’s a program out there to support such a great hospital.

  17. This sounds like it is the perfect cause. I hope they raise all the funds they need or can use and more!

  18. That is a great idea to spread the marathon out over a month! What a great cause, too!

  19. What a great cause, and one that is perfect for you to be involved with! Look at your daughter now and how healthy and happy she is!

  20. such a great cause! Look at your baby now she’s so grown up and oh so beautiful!

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