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Always Like a Girl Campaign

Always Like a Girl Campaign #LikeAGirlAlways Like a Girl Campaign

Keep Playing is a mantra that I have lived by my entire life. My father had two girls and he never treated us like girls. He said that we were kids and we could play any sport we wanted.  We played all kinds of sports and he coached. He always taught us to keep playing no matter what and that we could  do anything that we wanted. The Always Like a Girl Campaign would have been perfect for me as a kid.

I once broke a blood vessel in my finger right before a big softball tournament. I really wanted to play and my team needed me but my bandage was a huge obstacle. My father took me to the doctor and had them put a cast on it so I could put my finger in my glove to still play in the tournament. We went on to win that tournament and I am forever thankful to my dad for helping me play despite the obstacles that I faced.

Always Like a Girl Campaign #LikeAGirlToday I tell my girls the exact same thing. They are not limited by gender or age, they can truly do anything that they want and I encourage them to fail as long as they try first. Every single time they fail, they learn an important lesson and they keep going for another success. The future looks great for girls today. Things have never been more equal

Always Like a Girl Campaign #LikeAGirlAlways Like a Girl Campaign

Always Like A Girl campaign is all about stopping the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty. Our global puberty education program reaches over 20 million girls worldwide. Our campaign started with turning the phrase “Like a Girl” from something negative into something positive; latest campaign is about the importance of girls staying in sports because it helps build their confidence.

Always has been providing trusted feminine hygiene care products for over 30 years. We offer a range of products from liners to overnight protection, and innovative offerings such as Always Infinity.

Always Like a Girl Campaign #LikeAGirlCheck out the Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing Video

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  1. They are so cute! And I love that mantra, “Keep playing”.

  2. Nikki Wayne

    I am not sure if we have this brand in our country. Sounds like a nice campaign!

  3. Love this campaign! It helps empower young women especially since we tend to be less confident during that time of the month. It’s good to have a pad that’s reliable and will help us move more!

  4. Ann Bacciaglia

    The Always Like A Girl campaign is fantastic. It is so important for girls to have confidence to do anything they want to do.

  5. I adore the story about your father and all that he instilled in you so much . And this campaign (and it’s ads) have all been so brilliant and reflect the sort of messages that I hope to instill in my smart, brave, girl.

  6. I love this campaign and i love the brand Always. I use it all the time. Such a great post.

  7. What a great campaign to be a part of and lovely story to share. It’s important to empower our youth to be strong, brave and independent for sure!

  8. Love this campaign. My oldest daughter is at that age now, so this is now my life. Being the mom of girls it’s so important to inspire them to always do their best, love that Always supports girls! 

  9. I just love this campaign! It always fllls my heart with happiness to see girls uplifted like this.

  10. This is my first time to heard this campaign and I really love it. Agreed with Kelly, my heart fills happiness and excitement. 

  11. I love that so many different companies are now learning to encourage girls and women and all of the infinite possibilities of what they can do and achieve. As a boy mom, I am definitely working hard on creating men who celebrate and respect their female counterparts.

  12. It’s wonderful your father encouraged you to do whatever you desired and helped you conquer obstacles. It sounds like you’re passing that on to the next generation. We need more radiant and strong girls.

  13. I love, love, LOVE this! My dad was blessed with three girls and he always pushed us to be the best that we could be. We challenged the other girls, the other boys, and strove to work hard, play hard, and succeed. I love tools that help even the playing field, keep us moving forward without a pause, and keep us playing like a girl!

  14. I am loving this campaign. My father was also the biggest inspiration in my life and supported, and encouraged me throughout my life.

  15. Sara

    This is such a great campaign.  Having one daughter who is growing up quickly I feel unprepared for everything.  I am so glad that many companies are trying to empower girls!

  16. I played soccer in middle school. I loved it. I was tough and I wasn’t scared to play with the boys. I would practice with the neighborhood kids which happened to be mostly boys.

    I never let that time of the month bother me. I would usually wear tampons though. Pads tend to shift and bunch up while playing.

  17. Kathy

    I think this is such a great campaign. I think it’s wonderful that everyone is able to play sports. I think my youngest is going to want to join soccer soon.

  18. Jennifer Henry-Novich

    I love this campaign. Girls should feel confident in whatever they want to do! Glad that Always is giving them the confidence to do it.

  19. Robin Rue

    This would have been the perfect campaign for when I was a little girl too! I was never much of a girly girl when I was growing up.

  20. I have always heard that there is no shame in failing. The shame comes from giving up after failing. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Rarely does anyone succeed on the first try.

  21. What an awesome campaign for girls. Love how it encourages positivity and how it teaches them about the great individuals that they could become.

  22. What a great campaign! I’m so glad they are trying to change the phrase “like a girl” into something amazing.

  23. I love Always and I love that they are working on empowering young women and not shaming them into being private about periods. Plus advocating for strength and sports is amazing!

  24. Marielle Altenor

    That’s an amazing campaign! Now that I have a little girl I don’t ever want her to feel down and quit something she likes because of people saying things like “you are a girl” like that’s a bad thing. =(

  25. My husband and I have tried so hard to teach our girls that they can be anything they want to be and do anything that they want. It’s good to see big brands like Always supporting and encouraging young women. Kudos!

  26. When I was younger I wanted to study Martial Arts which really wasn’t encouraged for girls, it’s important to empower young girls be it sports or their studies!

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