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My Morning Routine

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My morning routine.

I haven't always been such a big fan of routine. Yeah that's right. I am sure that those who know me will find that hard to believe. 😉

These days with three kids, running a business full time and everything else that comes along, I am lucky if I get to have any part of  routine going on each day. I still try though.

My morning routine is more about how I choose to start my day and fuel my body for the day. I make a conscious choice to have breakfast and to eat so that I will have energy to get through my day. Here is how I start each morning.

Wayfair Morning Routine 7Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? A lot of people really don't know why. It is because your body is breaking that fast that it has been in since you went to sleep last night. You need to break the fast. Get it?

I wasn't always a breakfast eater but once I had kids, I needed to set a good example. Now each day I sit out on our deck which overlooks the woods and I have a quiet breakfast for about 30 minutes. Breakfast:

Wayfair Morning Routine 3

Special K cereal with Berries is what I eat 95% of the time for breakfast and sometimes for dinner as well. I love it and it fills me up with the perfect portion.

Wayfair Morning Routine 1Coffee or tea: I always need a little caffeine to get me going each morning. I drink coffee or tea depending on my mood that morning. This morning I had a pretty packed schedule so coffee it was.

Wayfair Morning Routine 2Fruit and nuts: I make certain to have something like this every single morning. I love fruit and I love the energy that I get from nuts.

Wayfair Morning Routine 4

A little light reading: I use this time to catch on the magazines that I subscribe to and that get sent to my home. Then I donate them right after so I don't have a lot of clutter around the house.


Make it good morning with Wayfair.

What do you do as part of your morning routine?

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  1. Travel Blogger

    I need a morning routine! I always end up running around in chaos and forget to eat breakfast.

  2. I function well with routines. Fruits and nuts are also my favorite morning snacks.

  3. My mormning routine always starts with making food. Hubby and I wakes up at 4:30 and I make him breakfast and lunch for work. As I wait fo the kids to wake up, I prepare/cook their lunxches for school then when they wake up, we eat breakfast together.

  4. I really need to improve my morning routine. I typically stay up too late so I am a hot mess in the morning and it makes for a rushed and chaotic morning. Thanks for the inspo!

  5. My day always starts with coffee and my hubby makes me eat a boiled egg and some bacon. Then I browse my favorite magazines and just give myself time to wake up in the morning.

  6. Coffee has always been a part of my morning routine. After that, I either have cereal or oats and then off to work. No reading in the morning for me. It usually happens in the afternoon after I’m done with work.

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    I relax with my first cup of coffee and plan my day every morning. The rest of the day i do not have a routine.

  8. Oh man, I really want your dishes! LOVE IT! I need to get up earlier so I can have a little more leisurely morning.

  9. Crystal Lopez

    Sounds like you have got a great routine going. Breakfast does not always make the top of my agenda but coffee is a must!

  10. Love your morning routine! I’ve never thought about fruits and nuts first thing in the morning! I will try it!

  11. Breakfast, sure….but coffee is the most important part of my day. 😉 I do think having a nice, healthy routine is good for making sure your days and productivity is a little more predictable. I can be bad at routine too.

  12. I always need my cup of coffee. And lately I have been making a lot of really big smoothies for breakfast.

  13. One of my morning routines starts out with boiling water in the tea kettle and brewing one of my teas, such as sage tea. It helps jump start my mornings!

  14. My mornings are always crazy and sometimes I just snack on a cereal bar before I leave home but when I do get time then I eat my cornflakes.

  15. I work overnights so my routine is off the wall.. lol but usually its always a coffee and yogurt when I wake up for work and then snack all night long then back to sleep for me after work LOL

  16. I read magazines during dinner, haha. I try to have coffee and catch up on email in the morning.

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