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Making Your Ideal Garden This Summer

Making Your Ideal Garden This Summer

If you’re guilty of having a drab and overgrown backyard, it may not be the ideal place to spend those sunny summer days. But rather than feel bad about it, now is the time to bring it back to glory. And while you’re working on it, it’s the ideal time to make some much-needed improvements. 

Not sure how to improve your yard? Here’s some suggestions to make your ideal garden hangout this summer.

Create a picture-perfect patio

When we think of patios, we often think of them as grey and boring. But patios are a great place to entertain friends and family. And, they really don’t have to be grey.

The first way to avoid a lack of color, is to choose your patio paving carefully. Go for warmer tones that give a Mediterranean feel. And make sure you include plenty of planting in and around your patio area to soften it. If you use the patio for a mix of activities such as sunbathing and entertaining, then keep the furniture flexible. And if you want to use it well into the evening, perhaps add a firepit and some outdoor lighting. 

All this, along with your cost to lay a patio, will add up. So, you may want to set a budget for your garden improvements to make sure you don’t overspend.

Turn your jungle into an oasis of calm

Your garden is nothing without plants, right? But when they’re overgrown or not doing so well, it may be time for a new plan so you can turn that jungle into an oasis. First, go around the garden and add some labels to the plants you definitely want to keep. And have a check online to see whether your best plants are in the correct location for their needs. It may be that your struggling plants need more sunlight or shade. 

Now, you can work your way around the garden, cutting back and removing anything that you don’t want. And adding nutrients to your soil will provide a good base for your new plants. 

Now it’s time to pick those plants. It may be worth sketching out your garden and color-coding the areas into sunny, shady, and partially shady. This will help you work out how many plants you need in each spot and what type of plants you’ll need. 

Creating an organized planting scheme can require a bit of patience but it will help your new plants thrive and give you a perfect garden hangout for summer.

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