Transform Your Backyard into the Ideal Family Space

Transform Your Backyard into the Ideal Family Space

Transform Your Backyard into the Ideal Family SpaceTransform Your Backyard into the Ideal Family Space

The summer is here, with bright rays of sunshine, gorgeous blue skies, and happy little ones take a much needed break from school. With this comes long hours spent in the backyard soaking up the sun and taking a break from our hectic, fast-paced lives. If your backyard is a far cry from the family-friendly oasis you’ve always imagined it being, make it your priority this summer to transform the outdoor space into your dream lounging area that’s great for the kids and mom and dad, too.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

What’s more delicious than a summer barbecue? Few things in the world if you ask me. If you and your family love to get outside and grill up hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and veggie skewers during the summer months, make your backyard a foodie oasis by adding an outdoor kitchen. A set up complete with a grill, sink, preparation area, and refrigerator means no more running back and forth to your kitchen inside. Before beginning, always make sure you’re aware of city ordinances regarding outdoor cooking areas, take note of the appliance sizes you’re planning on using, and make sure the smoke resulting from your cookouts won’t be too near to your home to fight the risk of fire.

Sandy Adventures

If you live far from the ocean, you might miss that feeling of warm sand beneath your toes, and your kids might lament their inability to create sandcastles. Make that a thing of the past and get a sand box for your backyard. Kids and adults alike can get some simple enjoyment from hanging out in the warm sand. Put a fire pit in the middle during evening get-togethers to adult-ify your sandbox. Word of caution: neighborhood cats will interpret your sandbox as a large kitty litter area, so make sure you purchase a cover to pull over the sandy oasis whenever it’s not in use.

Decorate Your Patio

If you have a patio that remains barren, make sure you prioritize decorating your outdoor concrete space this summer. Invest in some patio furniture that will take you through summer, fall, winter, and spring without too much wear and tear. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean the walls should remain bare. If your patio is covered, you have a bevy of decoration options to choose from. Check out wall décor options from a place like Touch of Modern, hang up the kids’ favorite artwork pieces, or find iron outdoor decorations from If you want the outdoor area to look like a living space, it’s essential to design it as such.

Backyard Games Galore

Want to have fun in your backyard? Make sure there’s some entertainment options set up for your little ones. Depending on your children’s ages, there are a variety of backyard games you can check out. It might be bocce ball for older kids that have a bit more patience, or a mini corn hole setup for your little ones that love to practice their throwing skills. Some families even go so far as to dedicate a portion of their yard to a mini golf putt-putt course. Really give some thought to what types of activities your kids like to do.

Add a Water Feature

While you’ll likely have plenty of shade options to keep you protected from the sun’s rays, adding a bit of water to your warm backyard never hurts. We’re not talking pools here, but rather, designer water features that will add a soothing sound to your backyard and a fun spot for your kids to play and splash on those scorcher summer days. It could be a fountain in the corner of your yard that trickles the hours away, or a manmade pond complete with koi fish that your children will love to watch grow. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re not adding a water feature in a drought-affected area, and work with a landscape architect before you start digging into the backyard if you’re looking to create your own body of water.

Transforming your backyard as it is now into the dream summer oasis is easy when you follow these décor tips. Create the summer of a lifetime for our kids and turn your backyard into the perfect family lounging spot.

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  1. I’ve always wanted the outdoor kitchen. Stained concrete patio next to our pool would make a huge difference. Great post!

  2. Nice job. Your backyard is big and it look really good after upgrading its stuffs

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