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Top Maintenance Tips to Save on Your Furnace Repair in Toronto

4 Top Tips to Reduce Furnace Repair Costs in Toronto Homes


When it comes to your home, you do everything you can to make it nice and comfortable. You incorporate a large bed in your bedroom, install ambient lighting fixtures in the living room, decorate the floors with cotton soft rugs, and add scented candles in the hallway. However, the one thing that can truly make your entire home welcoming and cozy is a furnace.


In general, when you live in a cold area like Toronto where the temperatures can get really low in winter, having a high-efficiency furnace is a must. This will keep your house nice and warm while keeping the winter chill outside.


But, in order for your furnace to function properly, it is imperative that you maintain it on a regular basis. Doing so will reduce energy bills, expand its lifespan and most importantly, prevent repairs.


In this post, we share the top four maintenance tips you should follow to save money on your furnace repairs in Toronto.



Furnace Repair in Toronto

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Furnace Maintenance Secrets for Toronto Homes Call up the professionals


Maintaining a furnace is usually an easy and trouble-free task that you can do on your own. However, if you don’t know your way around heating systems, it is best that you leave the job up to the experts.


This is especially important if you notice that your furnace isn’t working properly and needs to undergo some immediate repairs. Hiring a professional contractor can fix the issues properly and also offer additional services to help lower your monthly energy bills even more.


To find an experienced contractor, be sure to shop around for the best Toronto furnace repair services near you so you can get professional assistance for a fair price. 


Clean or replace the filter


The filter is one of the most important components in your furnace. Its main job is to deliver clean and warm air throughout your entire home. That’s why it is important that you clean it on a regular basis to prevent all kinds of particulates such as dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and spores, from entering the rooms and polluting your indoor air.


If you fail to do so, the air filters will soon become dirty and affect the efficiency and performance of your furnace. This will then lead to serious issues which will need immediate repair. 


If cleaning your filter won’t do the job, consider changing it with a disposable pleated air filter to improve the air quality in your home and save on repairs. 


Ensure the motor blower is functioning properly


The motor blower is another important part of the furnace whose main job is to provide warm air movement through the heat exchanger. Because it has a lot of working parts to do this, the furnace blower can easily break down if not well maintained. 


This can easily lead to electrical problems with the blower motor and wheel which may require the assistance of a trained technician to identify the source and do necessary changes before it begins to deteriorate the system.


So, make sure your furnace’s motor blower is functioning properly and not making any strange noises that can be an indication of serious problems.


Oil the motor

If you have an older furnace, then your heating system most likely has two motor bearings and two blower-shaft bearings. Both of these sets need to be oiled in order for your furnace to function properly. Otherwise, you are looking at wear and tear which can eventually lead to costly furnace repairs.


That’s why you need to make sure you oil the motor bearings at least once per year to improve the efficiency of your furnace. Before you do it, use a clean cloth to wipe the caps over the bearings and then apply two or three drops to each bearing. Remember not to over-lubricate because too much oil can break down the motor almost as quickly as no oil.


Furnace Repair in Toronto

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Final thoughts


If you live in Toronto, then you know the importance of installing a highly efficient furnace to keep your home nice and warm. However, in order for your heating system to operate properly, it needs to be well maintained as it is the best way to prevent serious repairs and reduce energy bills.


To improve the performance of your furnace and save on repairs, follow the maintenance tips from our post and keep your heating system running smoothly at all times. 


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