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CSN Stores – Swing Sets for Kids

We have been searching for a swing set for a while for our children.

We have an odd shaped yard, with no backyard and finding a set that meets the covenants of the homeowners association is key for harmony in our neighborhood.

As a result, we spend a lot of time at the park. My kids love the park but they really have been longing for a swing set.

Swingsetsandmore.com offers swing sets for kids in all price ranges and for all ages. They also offer Free Shipping for orders greater than $69.

What's in your yard?

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  1. Angie Appoo

    well, nothing much is in my yard, I usually take my daughter to the local park

  2. Eileen

    THat is not a swing set…That IS a playground! We have the same set in our backyard as we bought 16 years ago, and moved now to THREE other houses. A pretty basic set with two swings, rings, trapeze and a slide. For the past few years we considered getting rid of it but our TEEN daughter begged us not to. One bit of advice for parents is to check this equipment, however sturdy it might be. We had one swing pull out of the base and a few times had the swings themselves give way (they do “age” with weather and need to be replaced…so take all the removable parts indoors for the winter to store) Just last year had our daughter fall free-flying and end up with a concussion.

    We thought we would NOW get rid of it and just enjoy the park a couple blocks away…but, instead are having a new grandchildren coming in leaps and bounds now. Time to buy some new and safer swings again!

  3. ellen

    I love the choices at CSN!
    When the economy was better my husband dabbled in custom swingsets for kids- actually they were mini playgrounds- they had it all from sandboxes to a tire swing. There are some great plans out there for wooden sets, but unlike the vinyl/pvc types they do require maintenance & arent as portable.

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