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Making Your Vacation Unique & Inspiring

Travel quote from PinterestAlamo Chief Travel Mom

That quote about is pretty much my mantra when it comes to anything related to travel. It goes the same for my entire family.

As you know I am an Alamo Chief Travel Mom and this month we are talking about how to make your family vacation unique and really create lasting memories because isn't that what vacations are all about? Our vacations are memorable, unique, inspiring and the perfect time for my family to embark on a new adventure or visit some of our old favorites.

This summer we will be taking 6-7 different road trips around the East Coast and we could not be more excited. We have lots of games that we play together as a family and one of favorites involves a tablet or Kindle. We download all sorts of games like I Spy Bingo plus city guides for kids. We play the games, talk about the destinations and really have a great time. It sure beats listening to, “are we there yet?”

Here are some really fun games that you can download to your Kindle or tablet to play along with your family on your next vacation. Save these to your computer and then load them to your tablet so you always have something fun and unique to keep everyone entertained.

Scavenger Hunt


I Spy

Auto Game

Alamo #DriveHappy Unique Vacation


These boxes are filled with some of our favorite things. The adorable Alamo lunchbox is packed with items that will most certainly make your next vacation unique. You will find a Polaroid 300 Instant Camera to capture those important memories, a beautiful Chamilia Charm Bangle Bracelet where you can collect charms from your favorite trips (that is what I do), an ALEX DIY Duct Tape Tote that my kids made the second it arrived at our house and a Crayola Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go to keep little hands busy. Of course, it is all topped off with a Kindle Paperwhite so you can play the games above with your family to pass the time.

How could these not inspire you to create a unique vacation?

Contributed by @aboutamom – ALEX® Toys Duct Tape Tote

Angela says: “Making a Duct Tape Tote Bag is a fun family vacation activity that lets kids create a one-of-a-kind travel tote to use while on vacation, and to bring home souvenirs and treasures.”

Contributed by @blueviolet – Crayola Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go Studio Coloring Kit

Liz says: “Let the kids use their imagination and creativity to create drawings inspired by your vacation destination on this travel drawing kit Everyone can share in the fun of making an original family travel masterpiece!”

Contributed by @crissy – Chamilia Charm Bangle

Crissy says: “Commemorate the moments that make your journeys unique by adding special charms to this bracelet – remember the best moments from your family vacations!”

Contributed by me! – Kindle Paperwhite

Stacie says: “Download games to heighten the vacation experience, like Road Trip Bingo or a Nature Scavenger hunt – it will make the unique things you see that much more special.”

Contributed by @therebelchick Polaroid 300 Instant Camera

Jennifer says: “Your kids will get more excited to snap photos of the amazing things you see on your trip and you can easily put together a special collage at the end of the journey!”

Want to get even more inspired to plan your next unique travel adventure?

Follow Jennifer Quillen's board #AlamoDriveHappy: A Unique Vacation on Pinterest.


We have created this fabulous Pinterest board with the hopes of inspiring you to get out and do something unique this summer. Go see the places that you have always wanted to see or just hop in your car and drive. Check out our ides and please re-pin your favorites after you create your very own #AlamoDriveHappy: A Unique Vacation board on Pinterest. You can use it to inspire your own family's travels.

If you create a board, you could win one of our four #AlamoDriveHappy inspiration boxes. To enter, share a link to your Pinboard on Twitter using #AlamoDriveHappy and tag @StacieinAtlanta @TheRebelChick  and @AboutaMom ~ Winners will be chosen at random!

***HURRY! Sweepstakes ends June 6, 2014. Good luck!***



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Happy Travels!

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49 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. We go on a lot of road trips around New England and we play lots of driving games on our way!

  2. One of those kits would be great,Games while traveling are always good for the kiddies to keep occupied.

  3. Thank you for sharing this awesome giveaway I will have to build a Pinterest board for the chance to win such a cool prize.

  4. These are great! I pinned it to save to come back to before our beach vacation! 🙂

  5. Really fun games. So exciting to plan a family trip,

  6. We take a lot of day trips on the weekends in-between our big trips. Having games or activities for the kids to do in the car or for the whole family to do together makes the time go by faster!

  7. We’re planning a couple of road trips, so those games are gonna come in handy for us!! Thanks!

  8. I love using Alamo. I have found them to be very friendly and above all CLEAN.

  9. These are great! We’re taking a three hour road-trip this weekend, so this will come in handy!

  10. Those are a great idea for the kids while traveling! Games like that are fun for everyone to play and pass the time.

  11. The Polaroid camera and the kindle please!!! I need a vacay and I want those traveling items!

  12. I love your travel game ideas and am thrilled that you put a Kindle into the new Alamo Drive Happy box!

  13. I think a scavenger hunt is such a good idea for traveling with little kids. I also like to play games like that. Great ideas for making a vacation unique.

  14. Wow, you’re going to be on the road a lot! Have fun! You’ve shared some great ideas here so I know you’ll have a great time traveling around with your family.

  15. Sarah Elyce

    I would have loved to travel the world. I’m still hoping to get to Spain and somewhere with awesome scuba diving at coral reefs.

  16. I think this is great. I love the games. We are about to take a trip to Connecticut. This is great info

  17. We have one longer trip planned for July, and these games would be great. I’m definitely pinning this!

  18. Classic road games. I had a book of these when I was little. It was my favorite thing in the car.

  19. What great printables. Those would make for a great roadtrip.

  20. We always played the State License plate game where the first person to spot a license plate gets it (Alaska and Hawaii were just extra points) and the first person to get them all wins. We also played Interstate Bingo with cards that my mom would makeup before our trips!

  21. maria

    We have a road trip to Branson and then a cruise coming up. I love to travel!

  22. I this is such an awesome campaign! I love it. I enjoy bringing my kids places

  23. Sherrie C.

    What a fun kit and love the Kindle! My four year old granddaughter plays ‘I Spy’ and the ‘Auto’ game while traveling. We take long trips with her often so she gets pretty bored along the way and I’m sure she would be happy with a few more fun and creative games to play. Thanks for the suggestions

  24. 6 or 7 road trips? That sounds like fun! I wish we could get out and about too!

  25. I love the preschooler appropriate bingo boards and scavenger hunt. Anything to keep the kiddos happy in the car, right?

  26. Driving game never get old to me. I love making them up too. I just adore traveling!

  27. veronica

    I’ll be you travel mate. I would love to do some traveling soon

  28. Pam

    Sounds like a fun contest. Travel is always fun but when you have games for kids to play like these, you can feel confident that your kids will be entertained and content. Great ideas.

  29. Thanks for these tips. Families who travel a lot would surely appreciate this. I’m glad that these tips are more on the educational aspect of fun as well which I believe would be very beneficial. 🙂

  30. Candace Hagerty

    Thank you for these adorable games. I will print them out for the next road trip my family takes.

  31. The scavenger hunt is a super cute idea! My son likes to color on the road.

  32. cute ideas, we don’t travel much but I’d for sure do one of these kits! Great ideas!

  33. We take so many road trips with our fussy little girls so I’m excited about those games. I love the scavenger hunt and bingo. Our next trip is going to be so much fun!

  34. nicole dz

    We play games to on road trips, we also have a kids cd of songs for the kids to enjoy. We always have apps for games on our phones and tablets. I wish we could take 6-7 road trips. Its nice to getaway.

  35. These are perfect for traveling! We have a few trips this summer!

  36. We don’t do much roadtrips. With a toddler and 3 other kids it can be tough so we normally fly but those are some great things to do while on the road.

  37. I love road trips, especially spontaneous ones. Thank you for sharing these great ideas.

  38. I LOVE car games and they remind of road trips during childhood. We played the license plate game a lot too!

  39. Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven}

    I love these ideas. We don’t travel too much, but when we do go on long road trips, our son gets SO bored. That scavenger hunt is an awesome idea!

  40. I love those little printables! Great way for kids to pass the time

  41. I can’t wait to hear about your trips! We have quite a few planned for this summer too so I’ll definitely be printing these up!

  42. So many fun road trip activities! Our Kindles, iPads, and the DS get us through our long road trips.

  43. That drive happy box seems lie such a great idea. When we travel by car we know one of the road necessities is entertainment for the children.

  44. I love the new Polaroid camera! I guess I’ll be playing on pinterest tomorrow creating a board! What an awesome giveaway!

  45. I love, love, love road trips! My boys and I have been going on road trips since they were little. They are now 19 and 13 and are so experienced, it amazing me! Love the games – builds skills and social interaction during trips. Personally, I always look for ways to do that instead of having them play video games. This way they actually get to SEE where we are going – big plus in my eyes!

  46. What great ideas! Travel can be so tedious for both parents and children!

  47. ellen beck

    We like short road trips the best but having a cat rescue makes it a necessity ! I only stay gone a few days at most at a time or hubby and I go separate. All of your boards make me long to go soomewhere and you all had some excellent ideas. I especially like the celery in peanut butter idea- very clever and other ways to keep kids busy!
    Tweeted atcha and hoping to go somewhere soon to use these ideas

  48. Sarah L

    We managed to make road trips fun without any electronics at all. OK, so that was 50 years ago… Still possible.

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