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Briggs & Riley BRX Adventure Travel Gear

I was recently engaged by Collective Bias to be one of their “showcase shoppers for Briggs & Riley BRX – the premiere adventure gear for modern adventure travelers.”

The BRX line has reinvented old school adventure luggage and is easy to use for ANY form of travel from weekends away to a safari in Kenya.

My family and I went shopping together so that we could all check out the BRX Adventure Travel Gear. I wanted outdoor luggage and travel gear that can pretty much withstand anything.

My husband and I will probably share the bag but since I have three trips coming up within the next few weeks, I wanted a sturdy bag to take. The bag needed to be roomy yet fit in the overhead bins on the airplane.

I shopped online prior to heading to the store decided on the Explore 22 Upright:

I decided to purchase the matching toiletry kit as well since it fits perfectly in the bag and will keep my toiletries organized:

Our first stop was REI because that is always our first stop for luggage. With an active family of five, we are adventure travelers so we need luggage that is durable and reliable. Since REI did not have the bag that I wanted, the next stop was MORI Luggage & Gifts.

The first MORI did not have any of the luggage. The second MORI had a few limited pieces. The third had the exact bag I wanted but not in a color that I would use. They said that they could order it for and get it within a few days. I was so excited.

I got the call three days later that my bag was in so the family and I headed to the store to pick it up:

There was no specific signage at all around the bags to note that they were by Briggs & Riley or that they were from the BRX line. In fact, I walked past the bag twice before realizing that was it. They had several pieces available in all three colors. They definitely had options.

The sales associate really knew a lot about the bags. She showed me how easy it was to hook other pieces of luggage on the bag and that everything could be carried together. I LOVE that feature.

She also showed me how much more room the bag had than traditional roll aboard bags. Since the bag had the handle on the outside, this left a lot more room on the inside. She also explained that the bag had a lifetime warranty even against airline damage. I had some serious confidence in this brand after speaking with the sales associate. We were thrilled.

After getting the bag, I let the kids roll it around so the could see how easy it was to use as well.They loved it and were fighting over who was going to get to roll the bag next. In fact, my two older kids were trying to convince my youngest to get into the bag. Of course, they told me, they were going to leave her head hanging out. That DID NOT happen.

As soon as I got home, I packed my bag for the trip that I am taking to Jamaica later this week. I cannot wait. I am thrilled to have such a fabulous piece of luggage and even happier that it completely meets my needs.

More later on how it held up during travel.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.

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