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Makeup tips for hooded eyes

Makeup tips for hooded eyes

For those of us with hooded eyes, it can be awfully tricky to try out new makeup trends or get creative with eyeliner. There is less real estate to work with and you can spend hours perfecting an elaborate eyeshadow technique, only to have it disappear once you open your eyes… But there are some ways you can get around this and some tips to help you create the look you want – also, be aware that baggy eyelids could be a sign of ptosis!

Keep your eyeliner fine

Using a thick line on a hooded eye can overrun the eyeshadow and make your eyes look smaller. This unfortunately means you will need to develop a steady hand to apply a thin line with only a small wing and be sure to hug the lash line very closely.  In order to achieve a thin line you need to use the most precise eyeliner available. Thanks to their marker-esque design, felt-tip eyeliners are typically the preferred vehicle of choice when it comes to thin lines.

Blend light to dark in an upwards angle

Use a brighter or more luminous colour on the inside of your lid and darker colours for the top outer corner, be sure to blend these eyeshadows up and out, avoiding the eye’s outer V (the outer corner of the eye that extends from the lash line to the crease, creating a sideways V).

Use eyeshadow primer to combat transfer

With hooded eyes you will often have the issue of transfer because the hooded part of the eye may overlap with your eyeliner, thus transferring it onto the top of your lid near your brow bone. Use a primer specifically for eyes, like this primer from e.l.f. cosmestics, and finish with a setting spray to reduce the occurrence of this.

Keep the hood light

If you have hooded eyes, you might bring darker shades high on the hood to compensate for your hidden crease but this creates the appearance of sunken eyes. So, try to keep it bright.

Do not neglect your brows

Eyebrows are a more prominent feature for those with hooded eyes, so it is important to give them the necessary attention they need. Create an arch and use a light colour underneath to emphasise the brow bone.

Lengthen your eyes using contour

Highlight your cheekbone with a product that matches the corner of the eye to draw more attention to the eye. Using a darker contour underneath the cheekbones is also important to create the illusion of longer eyes.

White eyeliner makes eyes look bigger

Use white eyeliner to line the bottom of the eye to create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes.

Use eyeshadow on your undereye

You can make up for a lack of lid space by using eyeshadow underneath your bottom lashes. This is an easy way to create a statement eyeshadow look – apply dark shadow one-third of the way in and line the rest of the eye with a bright colour.

Take risks

Do not be afraid to try new things and experiment with different techniques, despite your hooded eyes you may find that some eyeshadow techniques work well for you. Develop your own way of doing things and have fun with it!

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