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The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palettes from Maybelline

Blusing Nudes Mabelline

Both of the Maybelline Nudes and Blushed Nudes Palettes contain 12 eyeshadows that are great for creating everyday looks and very neutral eyeshadow looks. They both have a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

The original Nudes Palette contains more colors on the cream-browns scale of colors. It ranges from a very pale champagne color all the way to a very deep brown/black color. Where as the Blushed Nudes Palette contains more creams and pinks in it. It depends upon what your preference is as too which colors and palettes you will use more. As far as the quality of the products, the palettes each range from $10-$12 based upon where you purchase them. I definitely think that these are a good deal for your money. You get 12 eyeshadows for about $10, not too shabby.

Blushing Nudes 4 Blushing Nudes 2

These are great for creating everyday looks that you can wear to school or work, and they even have a lot of colors mixed into them that you can dress up your eye look for a night on the town. I find them to be extremely versatile because I can use them not only as eyeshadows but also as eyeliners and the colors are great for filling in my eyebrows as well!

Blushing Nudes 3Blushing Nudes 5

The eyeshadows themselves are not extremely pigmented and they are a bit sheer. More of a buildable color I would say. I would highly recommend using some sort of eye primer with them in order to get a full long lasting eye look to wear throughout the entire day. I wore them once without any primer and it was a good amount faded throughout the day. Another SMALL downside is that the eyeshadows do not have names, I think it is easier to distinguish a favorite eyeshadow color in your brain if it has a name, but that’s a very minor and personal detail for me!

Overall I think these are great palettes for the cost and they are definitely something I am happy that I have purchased them and will get a great deal of use out of them!

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