5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Sparse Brows for Good Eyebrow Beauty

5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Sparse Brows for Good

5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Sparse Brows for Good

There is saying and also a thought process behind your eyebrows. People say that eyebrows frame the face and all makeup lovers know this as being true. Your eyebrows can really complete a makeup look and/or make you look like a completely different person. Whether you are looking for quick fix or a permanent solution, our post has ideas to help you with those brows. If you want to regrow your eyebrows, learn how to fix thin eyebrows or even get help for thin eyebrows then read on for some of our favorite methods for the perfect eyebrows. 

5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Sparse Brows for Good

Stop over plucking those brows

To really take care of your eyebrows, you want to get a really good eyebrow grooming set and for that, you need Tweezerman. Once I discovered the Tweezerman Professional Petite Set I have never used anything else. This eyebrow plucking set is even cuter in rose gold. 

Hair transplant

Did you know that you can get an eyebrow transplants procedure to fill in your sparse or non-existent brows? I first heard about it a few years ago and I think it's a great idea If you need help for thin eyebrows then this permanent solution is definitely for you. Costs of hair transplantation for women also vary from country to country, so make sure to do your research to save you some money!


I have had a microblading procedure done twice and I absolutely love it. We all want to fix thin eyebrows and microblading is a more permanent way of doing it. Tattoo pigment is used to draw wispy eyebrow hairs producing a natural yet understated result. 

Use the right products

An eyebrow filler is one of my favorite things. I use the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade. This cult favorite is phenomenal and always in my makeup case. I combine Auburn and Caramel to match my lighter red/brown hair (often called Strawberry Blond)

Not a fan of the pomade? The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz eyebrow liner is another cult fave that I cannot get enough of. I have Auburn and Caramel. I use them for quick touch ups when I am not at home. 

I tried the Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder recently and really love it. This powder provides great full coverage and looks very natural. 

Regrow your eyebrows with growth serum

Eyebrow growth serum is one of my favorite ways to fill in my sparse brows. I have used several different types of serums over the past several years and I love it when I start seeing eyebrow growth within just a few short weeks. 

No matter what type of solution you are looking for, this post has lots of great ideas on how to really make your eyebrows the focal point of your face and make those brows look amazing. This article gives you the help for thin eyebrows that you need. Good luck!

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