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Quick Tips for Fabulous Makeup

Quick Tips for Fabulous Makeup

As girls, we all love makeup! Right?

Makeup is a great way to hide flaws, enhance features, and make ourselves feel absolutely beautiful! It is necessary for us to know as many tips and tricks to applying makeup as possible in order for us to look great all the time!

Here are some great tips that will make a dramatic difference in your makeup applications daily:


When using concealer under your eyes, use the triangle method rather than putting dots under your eyes. This helps for complete coverage rather than just partial.

Do you ever wonder what color shadows you should use in order to make your eyes pop? Look no further!

For Blue Eyes: Since blue is a cool color, warmer tones really make them pop! This includes browns, golds, any really warm color!

For Brown Eyes: Those with brown eyes can essentially pull off ANY eyeshadow color, this is because brown is a neutral color. This makes it so ANY eyeshadow color looks awesome on their eyes!

For Green Eyes: Purple is a great looking color on green eyes, any variation of purple whether it be lavender, lilac, or even plum really make those green eyes stand out and look great.

For Hazel Eyes: Because Hazel eyes are a mixture of green and brown you can choose which color you want to stand out more. For example you could apply a purple shadow and really play up that green in the eyes or you can just stick using whatever color you want so that your eyes remain more neutral.

Fill in your eyebrows. I never thought that filling in my eyebrows really made a difference in my makeup look, but it most definitely does! It really enhances the entire look of your makeup!


Use a primer not only on your face but also on your eyes. Primers truly do make the biggest difference when it comes to having your makeup last  a long time.

When applying bronzer stick to applying it the natural areas that the sun would hit the face. These are the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the two sides of forehead! This makes for a gorgeous, sun kissed glow.

Blot your final appearance, blotting your foundation and lips for any excess makeup in turn leaves a more long lasting and better looking result.


To make your lip color last longer, apply a coat of color, blot, place a powder over it, and then put another coat on for a really long lasting result!

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  1. Melissa S

    Thanks for the tips, I am going to have to do more research on the triangle method for undereye concealer. Also, I am going to look for eyeshadows that work better with my eye color than what I am using now.

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