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Save Kids Lives with the Child Declaration for Global Road Safety

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Did you know that more than 500 children die every day in traffic crashes around the world? This sad and scary statistic is something that every parent needs to be aware of because the fact is that we CAN do something about it. 

The Save Kids Lives partnership program was designed to get teachers and parents involved in the #SaveKidsLives global awareness campaign to promote global road safety leading up to the Third UN Global Road Safety Week, May 4—10. Specific action steps needed by teachers and parents to support the campaign include the signing of the Child Declaration for Global Road Safety and sending call-for-action messages–#Safies– to policymakers that road safety measures need to be implemented in order to achieve the goal of reducing traffic fatalities by half.

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As parents, please visit the Save Kids Lives parent site on Scholastic to learn more about this initiative. Next, read and sign the Child Declaration for Global Road Safety.

By signing the Declaration you are helping to:

  • Make the call for action to stop the growing number of road deaths worldwide
  • Ask decision makers to save kids’ lives by putting road safety in place
  • Support the movement for road safety led by children around the world

This Declaration is a call for action to mark The UN Global Road Safety Week in May 2015. It also urges world leaders to include a target to halve road traffic fatalities globally in the Post-2015 Development Goals, so that kids everywhere can be kept safe.

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How to Take a #Safie!

Show your support for the campaign by taking family #Safie. Create a family #Safie to share on your social media sites. You can more including learn how to do this by visiting and going to Safe Kids to download the signboard.

1. Download the signboard!

2. Write your road safety message on the signboard. Examples include “More Slow Down Road Signs”, “No Texting While Driving”.

3. Take a Selfie (a photo of you/your family holding your safety message signboards).

4. Share it on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Safie and #SaveKidsLives.

By signing the Child Declaration for Global Road Safety and sharing a #Safie on social media as a precursor to the Third UN Global Safety Week in May 2015 (signatures and #Safies will be delivered to key policymakers during that week), we will show those around the world how important this initiative is to our lives and our children.

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I was asked by Scholastic and Safe Kids Worldwide to write this sponsored post. I received compensation in return for posting on behalf of this program.

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  1. The Save Kids Lives partnership program sounds amazing and I’m going to get everyone I know to participate by taking a #safie. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. This sounds awesome! What a great campaign! I can’t explain how mad I get when I see someone texting while driving or chatting holding their phones! Oy his sign is what mine would say!

  3. It is so sad how many kids die in traffic accidents. I love this campaign and the awareness it is raising.

  4. This is such a great campaign! It is so important to not text and drive or even call someone while driving.

  5. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a great champagne. Everyone should do what they can to make the roads a safer place.

  6. That’s one reason why I am not comfortable driving because even though you are very careful and cautious, there are some that aren’t. This is a great campaign!

  7. What an amazing cause, we all should do whatever we can to make sure they are safe. Thanks for sharing this information!

  8. michele d

    What a great cause. I strong believe it no text while driving. Even though it’s a law here, I still see people doing it. It’s so noticeable when driving behind them.

  9. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    This is such a great campaign and one which everyone should take part in. People really need to stop using the phone whilst driving.

  10. This sounds like a fantastic campaign that I can definitely get behind. Ever since my accident a few weeks ago I have been so nervous when driving because no matter how careful you are, you cannot control those driving around you.

  11. This is wonderful – The Safe Kids download the signboard – one of our neighbor’s kids rolled her new VW while texting coming up the our mountain roads! It’s something I’ll be telling others about -The Save Kids Lives partnership

  12. We all need these reminders daily. It is so easy to get distracted and these days it is even more dangerous than ever with cell phone temptation!

  13. CourtneyLynne

    This sounds like an awesome campaign!!! I will admit when I was younger I would text and drive, but with age came wisdom and I realized know text is worth risking a life over! It can wait… Now only to get kiddos to realize this lol… Being one of those kids years ago I know how hard it is to show them the seriousness of things like this…

  14. My husband is terrible about texting and driving. I have to yell at him all the time. Its not safe and it sets a bad example for kiddo.

  15. Bonnie @ wemake7

    500 a day? That is so very sad. =( I want to take part by taking a safee too.

  16. Texting and driving is such a terrible idea. So many people still think nothing of it and that it will only take a second to do – unfortunately all it takes is 1 second for something terrible to happen. I’m glad that more people are starting to understand how important it is to never text while driving.

  17. Thank you bringing more awareness to this worthy campaign! It is sad how many young lives are lost due to car crashes.

  18. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a great program. I never text and drive. It is so dangerous. I have taught my kids to turn the ringer off on the cell when they are driving so it is not a distraction.

  19. What a great campaign! We have this law about no texting while driving but I still see some who does it. I don’t know when they’re going to realize that what they’re doing is totally dangerous. Sigh.

  20. Yona Williams

    OMGoodness, the numbers for children dying in car incidents is so sad. I always cringe when I read about them happening in my neck of the woods – usually in the summertime.

  21. That is a great campaign and am happy to share and participate. No texting while driving is HUGE!

  22. There’s so many people that keep texting and driving, even after many of the states have put in laws against it. It’s dangerous… and so I like seeing causes like this.

  23. What an incredible campaign! I’m all for more road safety!

  24. Love love love this! I’m always amazed at how distracted people are on the road. Like totally into their phone and not even looking at the road. I love the hashtag! #safie

  25. This sounds like a great campaign! I never text while driving and I definitely plan on sharing this with everyone I know! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Such a wonderful cause. Thanks for sharing this with us. Sad.. but i love this type of campaign.

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