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KING’S HAWAIIAN Sweet Dinner Rolls

King's Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls

Celebrate the Holidays with KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sweet Dinner Rolls at Walmart

If you read this blog then you might know that I graduated from high school in Hawaii. I have talked about this a few different times. I have also shared that every year as a school fundraiser, we would sell KING'S HAWAIIAN bread to make money. I love selling this delicious bread and so did my family.

To this day, my entire family still buys and love KING'S HAWAIIAN bread. We always have some in our house. I mean I can walk to my kitchen right now and find some right away.

HOLIDAY PRO TIP: Add lots of KING'S HAWAIIAN bread into your shopping cart. You can always whip up our KING'S HAWAIIAN French Toast Casserole or put leftover turkey or ham on a bun.

Tomorrow is our day to buy food for the holidays. I have been working on my list for a week and we are finally ready to get everything on it. We start cooking early on the 24th and shopping tomorrow gives us a chance to get the freshest ingredients possible.

HOLIDAY PRO TIP: Write your shopping list tailored to the store that you are shopping. My lists goes aisle by aisle in our grocery store.

We will be shopping at Walmart because we have a few more gifts to buy plus we need food to make for our annual holiday gathering. We do a white elephant Christmas gift swap with the entire family.

HOLIDAY PRO TIP: Buy and wrap an extra holiday gift so you always have one ready to go. You never know when an extra guest might show up.

Stay tuned for our recipe tomorrow: Pan Seared Lamb Sliders featuring our absolute fave, KING'S HAWAIIAN® Sweet Dinner Rolls all skewered up nicely as an appetizer or snack. These make the perfect Christmas Eve light dinner while wrapping that my family does every year. We all go off to our separate corners to wrap gifts along with a plate of some of our favorite foods. This could well become your family’s new favorite.

King's Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls 2Get KING'S HAWAIIAN at Walmart

Walmart has a great selection of KING'S HAWAIIAN bread. You can get everything that you want in one convenient place.

Find more great recipes with KING'S HAWAIIAN here.

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This blog post was sponsored by KING’S HAWAIIAN® but the opinions are all my own.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Oh yum! I love these. I buy them all the time when I hit up Walmart. My whole family loves them.

  2. I didn’t know that King’s Hawaiian breads have been around since 1950. The rolls have been a favorite treat for our family for years – whether or not it’s a holiday.

  3. I get King’s Hawaiian bread all the time. I love the rolls for dinners, and we use the loaf bread for sandwiches.

  4. I wouldn’t mind having some of those rolls with dinner. I love your holiday tips. Those are clever!

  5. We all love hawaiian rolls around here! I think they pair perfectly with any savory meal and would love to try them in a sweet recipe soon.

  6. I really do enjoy Kings Hawaiian bread. I first discovered them at a blog conference. Which makes me like the brand even more.

  7. I love King’s Hawaiian Rolls. We buy them in bulk- always something to do with them!

  8. I have not had Kings Hawaiian bread since I’ve been gluten-free but I can still remember the sweet flavor and delicate texture. YUM! You have some great tips in this post.

  9. I have never had this before but it sounds so yummy. I needy it

  10. We love these rolls! They are perfect for making sliders.

  11. I love Hawaiian Sweet Rolls! There are so many good recipes you can make with them!

  12. I love love King’s Hawaiian bread! Love seeing the packages at Walmart!! It’s so delicious!

  13. Crystal

    I looove those. We bought some for Christmas Eve dinner & a second package for making ham sandwiches with the leftover ham.

  14. Rosey

    I love those King’s Hawaiian rolls! Thanks for the recipe link!

  15. I have never tried Kings Hawaiin before I will check my local supermarket as we do not have a Walmart near us.

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