Keep Your Style Game Strong this Summer Stay Chic in Heat

Keep Your Style Game Strong this Summer

Keep Your Style Game Strong this SummerKeep Your Style Game Strong this Summer

Summers are definitely the most awaited time of the year if you live in an area with a colder climate. It presents a welcome change to the climate; you can go outside, enjoy the weather, and of course, head to the beach and indulge in several water activities. However, those who live in places where weather remains mostly warm, the heat can be tough to beat during summers.

Fashionistas, in particular, find it challenging to stay cool while keeping their fashion game strong. However, you can keep the diva within you alive and kicking by following this summer style guide:

Go Quirky with Your Look

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your look. So, quirky is the way to go with your outfits and accessories. If you have ever fancied the idea of wearing a flamingo print skirt or pompom sandals, now is the time to do so. Also, don’t forget to complete this look with oversized sunglasses.

However, even being quirky has some rules. First of all, choose light colors. Making a style statement is important but so is staying protected against heat. So, choose colors that reflect the sunrays. For example, you can choose a good ol’ white tee as it absorbs less heat as compared to darker shades. And the best part? You can jazz it up with various shades.

Make a point to wear loose clothes as they won’t stick to your body due to sweat. The added benefit here is that these clothes will keep you cool on a hot sunny day. Furthermore, prefer natural fabrics. You can choose from silk, cotton or linen as they are breathable fabrics. Therefore, they are suitable for summer. You can easily find a wide variety of outfits made from these fabrics.

Also, it’s important to make your outfits mosquito-proof if you live in a place where these insects are found in abundance. You can do this by opting for maxi dresses and long-sleeved shirts. By being a little extra careful in this regard, you won’t have itchy, red marks on your body caused by mosquito bites.

Lastly, be confident in what you wear. This can be considered the rule of the thumb. Even if you show a little bit of hesitancy, it is going to mess up your entire look. So, confidently flaunt what you wear without giving any hoot about what others are saying. You will rock anything you’re wearing if you are confident enough.

Get Trendy Summer Accessories

Whether you like to create a bold persona or prefer a minimalistic approach, you can do it easily in summer. For starters, wear a wide-brimmed hat. It does more than merely protecting your face and neck against the harsh sun rays. You can use it to jazz up your outfit and the overall appearance.

Other than that, you can get a colorful scarf, particularly if you are wearing a lighter or neutral shade. It can uplift the entire appeal of your outfit and you can use it to tie your hair as well.
When it comes to jewelry, you can either pick delicate items, such as small rings or earrings, or go bold with large necklaces. It all comes down to your individual choice and the look you’re trying to create. However, instead of going with the traditional gold, opt for the flashy and shiny moissanite.

Moissanite jewelry looks absolutely stunning, is durable, and won’t require you to break the bank as it’s quite affordable. Also, the fact that it is available in a range of styles and designs can spoil you for choices.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection

Create a style statement while protecting yourself from the sun by wearing stylish sunglasses. An even better choice will be to get a pair that comes with a UV protection feature. Make sure to choose the one that complements the face of your shape. Other than that, invest in a good quality sunblock. You will be doing yourself a favor by getting one. Particularly, if you’re heading to the beach, this is a must.

The winter season is mostly spent indoors, and even when we go outdoors, we cover ourselves with multiple layers of clothing. Therefore, there aren’t many opportunities to showcase the fashionista side. But, summers, on the other hand, make for the perfect opportunity to bring out the diva within you. So, wear all those trendy outfits you have been planning to do so and create a style statement with confidence and panache.

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