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National Lipstick Day With Florasis: Florasis Makeup Review

National Lipstick Day With Florasis

For the past year and a half I have been absolutely OBSESSED with the makeup brand Florasis! From their artistic eye shadow palettes to their stunning lipstick holders, I feel like I have tried, AND LOVED, every single product in the Florasis hand book! While I have loved so many products from Florasis Chinese Makeup, their lipsticks and lip glosses have taken both my heart as well as so much of my counter space! We hope that you are inspired by this Florasis Makeup Review post. 

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Picking the Perfect Red Lipstick

Here are a few of my favorite lip products from Florasis:

Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick

This BLOOMING ROUGE LOVE LOCK LIPSTICK FROM FLORASIS is priced at $49 USD and is one of our top picks. 

Why I love it: 

  • Super pigmented!!!
  • Beautiful color
  • Stunning Case design
  • Super easy to refill (Helpful to the environment)
  • Favorite Shade: M142 Red Bean

florasis oil

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Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil


Why I love it: 

  • Makes my lips feel SOOOO GOOD
  • Made with coconut oil!
  • Super fun to shake before using!
  • Compact and easy to carry anywhere
  • Perfect top coat for any lips!


Blooming Rouge Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick


Why I love it: 

  • Amazing pigmentation!
  •  Colors are stunning!
  •  Super easy to apply
  •  Lasts FOREVER!!!
  • Favorite Shade: M520 Candied Tomatoes


Ginseng Care Lip Balm

The GINSENG CARE LIP BALM and is priced at $15 USD.

Why I love it: 

  • Makes my lips feel AMAZING 
  • Has no color but leaves a nice shine
  • Comes with an adorable spoon
  • Has a cooling effect! 

How to Fake Fuller Lips

About Florasis

Florasis Cosmetics is a Chinese cosmetics brand that was founded in 2017 in Hangzhou, China. The company was founded by a team of beauty industry veterans who wanted to create a brand that would celebrate traditional Chinese beauty and culture. Florasis products are inspired by traditional Chinese beauty rituals and ingredients. The company uses a variety of natural ingredients, including flowers, herbs, and minerals. The products are also free of artificial fragrances and colors.

The name “Florasis” is a combination of the Latin word “flora” (meaning “flower”) and the Chinese word “xi” (meaning “sister”). The Florasis Chinese Makeup company's logo is a depiction of a traditional Chinese window, which represents the company's commitment to classical design and craftsmanship.

Award Winning Brand

In 2021, Florasis was named one of the “Most Innovative Beauty Brands” by Forbes China. The company has also been praised for its sustainable practices. Florasis uses recyclable packaging and has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2025.

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Popular Florasis products

  • Love Lock Lipstick: The Love Lock lipstick is inspired by ancient Chinese locks. The lipstick tube is decorated with a lock design, and the lipstick itself is embossed with a love poem.
  • Floral Essences Balancing Fitting Liquid Foundation: This Florasis foundation is infused with floral essences and is said to provide a natural, dewy finish.
  • Floral Engraving Phoenix Makeup Palette: This eyeshadow palette features 9 shades of silky soft powder for wet and dry application with glitter, glimmer, and matte finishes, which can be used as eyeshadow, blush, or highlighter.
  • Moisturizing Ginseng Lip Mask: This lip balm is lightweight and easy to apply. It has a slightly cooling effect, which moisturizes your lips without greasiness.
  • Soft Blooming Velour Powder Puff: This velour powder puff is so soft and gentle on the skin.

Florasis Chinese Makeup is a young brand, but it has quickly made a name for itself in the Chinese cosmetics market. The company's commitment to traditional Chinese beauty and culture, as well as its use of natural ingredients, has made it a popular choice for Chinese consumers. Florasis is also expanding its international presence, and it is likely to become a major player in the global cosmetics market in the years to come.

Florasis has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetics brands in China. The company's products are sold in over 10,000 stores across China and have also been exported to over 20 countries. If you are interested in trying Florasis products, you can purchase them online on Amazon or at select retailers in China and other countries.

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