5 Best Styles to Wear at a Festival This Spring

5 Best Styles to Wear at a Festival This Spring

5 Best Styles to Wear at a Festival This Spring5 Best Styles to Wear at a Festival This Spring

Dressing up for festivals is always so much fun. There aren't many social events that let you express your style more authentically than at festivals. Whether it is an arts festival, a music festival, or something else, you're pretty much given the green light to pursue the fashion statement you want. Being able to dress so genuinely is thrilling and can feel like the ultimate form of self-expression for those particularly fashion-minded. To help you determine your best styles for this Spring, read on for five ideas. 

1. 70s-inspired Summer Outfits

One of the most common looks you'll see at Spring festivals is 70s inspired summer outfits. Get a crop top and a flared pair of jeans, and you're ready to go. Accessories with flower headbands and oversized sunglasses to complete this look. For your feet, either go barefoot or sport your favorite pair of sandals. These festival clothes are iconic and look good on everyone. Bring your beach cruiser bike and boombox blaring Fleetwood Mac to make your look something to remember! The last bit might be a little excessive, but hey, you get the idea. 

2. Socks, Bandanas, and Quirky Looks

Wear a tie-dye shirt, denim cut-offs, cowboy boots, and accessories like tall socks and bandanas. What do you get? A quirky look that is perfect for any festival you're attending this Spring. 

The more colorful you can get with your pairings, the better, as the spring is all about new beginnings, flowers blooming, and all that is joyous. Dress like a pack of Skittles for colorful inspiration. Top it all off with some face paint of a rainbow. You'll look outrageous, which is perfect for spring festivals! 

5 Best Styles to Wear at a Festival This Spring3. Sundresses, Sun hats, and Chicness

If you want to feel like spring is here, go floral with everything and wear your favorite sundress, floppy hat, and metallic sandals. This look is the chic, warm-weather look that you've been waiting to wear all year long. Don't be surprised if birds swarm around you in a heart to display their fondness for your aesthetic. If it happened to Cinderella, it could happen to you too! 

4. Sweatpants And Flip flops 

If you plan on attending an extended festival event, after a while, your only concern will be whether or not you're comfortable. The good news is that you can still dress in style while sporting your sweats and flip-flops. Look for tracksuits that match your personality. 

Go for bold colors like emerald green or cherry red to stay on the theme with the boldness of the festival season. Your oversized white t-shirt and leggings also work perfectly here. Just be sure to accessories with suitable sandals and boho jewelry to add a bit of sparkle to your neutral look! 

5. Dark and Mysterious Looks

Channel your inner-Steve Jobs and wear a black turtleneck. For even more sophistication, wear your most outrageous pair of glasses. (We're talking 80s thick-framed glasses), and your favorite pair of blue jeans. 

This hipster-meets-bookseller (wait, isn't that the same thing?)- look, it will work perfectly for whatever music, movie, tech-filled festival you're headed to this spring. Go with a dark-colored flannel if you think a turtleneck might be too warm for the spring. You'll look a little bit more outdoorsy, but most festivals are outside anyway, so it's also PERFECT.  5 Best Styles to Wear at a Festival This Spring

Find Your Festival Fashion Sense 5 Best Festival Styles for Spring

You've got this! Dressing up for Spring festivals is about showcasing your personality and daring to go bold! Consider the above five festival style suggestions as you cultivate the ultimate festival fashion sense for this year's Spring events.

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