Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face ShapeChoosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Spring and Summer are approaching us quickly which means there are going to be sunny skies. It is so important to keep your eyes protected while you are out in sun because the rays from the sun can cause damage to your retinas. A great way to protect those eyes is by wearing sunglasses, and not to mention they make for a really cute accessory as well. Have you ever tried on a pair of sunglasses and just thought they looked absolutely ridiculous on you? Chances are they were not your proper shape for your face. Today I am going to give you a few tips for choosing the proper sunglasses for your face.

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Determine Your Face Shape

The first thing you will need to do is figure out your face shape first and foremost. You can do this by simply looking online to find a guide or even a lot of cosmetology magazines have guides in them as well. Simply look at the face shapes on the guide and look at yourself in a mirror and you will find which one fits best for you.

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If you have a heart shaped face, this means that you have a thinner face around your chin area and it is wider around your forehead. You're going to want to find a shape of sunglasses that flows best with your shape. Some great suggestions would be a cat eye shape or large square frames.


If you have a round face this means that the widest point of your face is at the cheek bones and then it comes slightly in at the forehead and chin areas. Some great options for this shape are the cat eye and also square shapes because they take away from the roundness of your face a bit.


If you have a square face shape, you have a wide face structure all the way from the jawline to the forehead. Some great Sunglass shapes are round or aviators because these help to soften up the harsh edges of your face shape.


The oval face shape is considered the “ideal” face shape so you can pretty much wear any sunglasses shape as long as it is the correct size. Just make sure your frames are not too small or too large for the size of your face.

I hope this helps when it comes to finding the best sunglasses for your Summer accessories this year. Just find what works best for you and what you think looks best on you.

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  1. I wish that I could wear sunglasses. I see cute sunglasses everywhere! But I wear prescription glasses and I am practically blind without them so I added photogrey to them.

  2. I have more of an oval face I think. I never know what sunglasses look good on me though. I love trying them on though it’s kind of a fun imaginative way to be creative with what you have to wear.

  3. I think it’s almost as hard to find the right shape and size of sunglasses as it is to find jeans! Hopefully these tips will help me out in finding a great pair of shades for this summer. 🙂

  4. I have an oval shaped face and agree that I can pretty much wear any type of sunglasses. My current pair rock and they are prescription.

  5. I’ve always had a hard time finding sunglasses that look “just right” on me. Now I have a better understanding of what looks good with my face shape. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE THIS! I have a really round face with a pointy chin….NOT easy to find sunglasses that would look good! Thanks for posting this!

  7. Kathy

    I’m so glad I saw this post! I’m always wondering about what the right shape of sunglasses would go well with me. This will help me be able to choose the right ones quicker.

  8. I love sunglasses! It’s always fun to try new shapes and pairs of glasses. It’s one of the things I like to splurge on.

  9. I always have a hard time picking the right sunglasses. I will have to try these tips when i go shopping this weekend.

  10. Ann Bacciaglia

    I wish i could wear regular sunglasses. There are so many great styles to choose from. I have to buy prescription ones. I ended up getting the lenses that tint when you go in the sun so i do not have to change glasses.

  11. These are great tips. Mt daughter loves to wear big statement glasses. She likes everything from heart shaped glasses, to wayfarer glasses.

  12. Jeanine

    This is interesting! I had no idea you had to choose by your face shape. This could explain why NO sunglasses ever look good on me, ever.

  13. Thanks! This has cleared up which is the “right” one! Since my face is chubby I got to be careful not to go with round ones, which I love!

  14. Ryan Escat

    I like this post. I need to wear sunglasses when we’re on some adventure since it’s summer time

  15. Sandra Gillan McCollum

    I am in desperate need of some new sunglasses so this is perfect timing!!

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