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Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner Review

Oreckhalo-logoWe have been needing a new vacuum for a while now. In fact, it has been about two years since we had a decently working vacuum. I mean our old vacuum worked but not without some duct tape and serious maneuvering around of parts before using it.

Oreck recently sent us their new Oreck Halo to try out. We were so excited.

Oreck Halo Basic Specs
•Price: $599.95
•Weight 17 lbs.
•HEPA 13 filter bag
•UV-C germicidal light
•Warranty: Vacuum, 3 years; UV-C light bulb, 5 years

New to the Oreck Halo
•Optimized UV-C Patented Light Chamber
•More powerful, yet quieter motor
•Quick and easy service at any of the 450 Oreck Clean Home Centers
•Extended warranty, including three free tune-ups
•Improved self-sealing bag dock that reduces dust when changing the bag

In_Use_Tile1I had to go with the only avid cleaner in my house. From my husband Jason:

The Halo arrived in a big brown shipping box.  It took about 30 seconds for the kids to unpack the thing. They were happy because they got to play with a shipping box, I was happy because I had a new toy to play with.

The Oreck Halo was pretty much ready to go out of the box; simply slip on the handle and tighten a screw and you are ready to go.  Colored blue and black, the vacuum feels solid, looks good, and seems very well built.  So far, so good; but sleek looks only get you so far…how does it perform?

To answer that question I plugged it in and attacked the living room.  Now keep in mind, this room had just hosted an overnight party with my three kids and their three cousins, so there was a pretty good mess on the floor.  The Halo ripped right through that mess.  The thing has a ridiculous amount of suction.

The other thing that really struck me was the lack of dust that was coming out of the vacuum…there simply was none.  The hepa filter bags seem like they catch everything.  Having used a bagless vacuum for the past year or so, I was really struck by just how much less dirt and dust there was in the air…pretty cool.  And to top things off, this vacuum also comes equipped with a uv light on the bottom, so as you vacuum, the light kills all of the living stuff that can be found in a carpet (mold, bacteria, etc).

All in all, this vacuum outperformed my every expectation.

About the only negative thing that I can say has to do with the hepa filter bags.  You have to buy a very specific bag for this machine, and the things are a couple of bucks a pop.  To be fair, they do hold a pretty good amount of dirt, and you are changing out the hepa filter every time you change the bag (they are built in), but it is an additional cost that is required to use this vacuum.

But in the end I would simply have to say that the Oreck Halo rocks! It has been several weeks and we really love this vacuum.

How It Works

The Oreck Halo uses proprietary UV-C technology – the same technology that safely and effectively disinfects drinking water and sterilizes operating rooms – to eliminate many of the harmful things you can't see.

A high-powered UV-C bulb is housed in a patented light chamber with a durable quartz glass exterior, and independent tests prove this UV-C light kills more than 99 percent of many common germs it comes in contact with.


The Oreck Halo has two high-powered motors. One drives the “brushroll” that fluffs the carpet's nap while the other delivers maximum suction and pickup, which means the dirt and germs it kills are quickly trapped inside the HEPA 13 filter bag for safe removal. The bag is so tightly woven that dead germs stay inside, and Oreck's patented Sani-Seal tab prevents them from escaping when emptied.

An ordinary vacuum may pick up some germs, but they may still be alive inside the bag or canister. When emptied, it's possible those germs are transported from one part of the house to another.

The Oreck Halo's patented UV-C light comes with a five-year warranty and the vacuum has a three-year warranty and includes three free tune-ups at any Oreck Clean Home Center.

The Oreck Halo is no longer available but they have some solid, award winning choices like the Oreck Elevate Conquer Lightweight Upright Filtration Bag Vacuum.




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