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How to Organize Your Junk Drawer

How to Organize Your Junk DrawerHow to Organize Your Junk Drawer

Junk Drawers. It seems everyone has one and it is always full and unorganized. Well not anymore now its time to learn how to organize your junk drawer! It is just so hard to keep it all organized. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Step 1

The first step to organizing the dreaded junk drawer is to empty it out. Take EVERYTHING out and place it on the counter or table where you can see it all.

Step 2

Clean the drawer out with a paper towel and some all purpose cleaner.

Step 3

PURGE – Throw away all those unnecessary items like pens that no longer work, broken rubber bands, old soy sauce packets or chop sticks you won't ever be using. Then go back though it and throw away old business cards that you have gotten over the past 2 years and not even taken a second glance at.

Step 4

Arrange everything into piles. Organize them by items. Batteries in a pile, paper clips in a pile etc.

Step 5

Measure the size of your drawer and decide what products you would like to use to organize your items. You can use small trays varying in size that are inexpensive, or if your looking to save even more use an egg carton. The top half is great for holding the pens, pencils and scissors together. The bottom half is great to use all those little compartments to hold things like paperclips, rubber bands, batteries and much more.

An ice cube tray also works well for the smaller items. You can pick up ice cube trays and place them in the drawer. For other items that are a bit larger you could use the smaller Rubbermaid or Ziploc food storage containers. Sandwich and freezer bags are also great to use when organizing a junk drawer.

Step 6

Place the containers into the drawer to maximize space as best as possible.


Go through your junk drawer every 2 to 3 months to keep it from getting over cluttered again. I have to do this a little more often than that because I have three children.

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