I am a Six Flags Super Mom! Six Flags Over Georgia Amusement Park
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I am a Six Flags Super Mom

I am a Six Flags Super Mom! Six Flags Over Georgia

I am a Six Flags Super Mom!

I grew up going to local theme parks. When I lived in Michigan ( and then St. Louis followed by Hawaii), we would travel all over the place to visit theme parks. This was just one of the ways we really connected as a family. Over funnel cakes and roller coaster rides and lemonade and ring tosses…love those memories. It just seems so Americana to me.

Today I carry that tradition on with my whole family. Nothing says Six Flags like slathering the kids up with sunscreen and heading to the park for a day. We do that a lot as well. It is part of who we are as a family and as a family, we just love theme parks. All kinds of them.

I was excited to spend the day at Six Flags Over Georgia recently (I have fond memories of concerts there as a young teen). They were interested in connecting with mom bloggers and their families for feedback. It was a day of riding rides, great conversations  and getting to know the people of Six Flags.

I saw a really great corporate culture in the company which makes me love them even more. The park was exceptionally clean which tells me that the people who work there take pride in their work. These things say a lot about the company. It makes me proud to associate myself with them and ride their rides.

Over the course of this relationship (hopefully several years long), I will share some really cool information about the park and feedback on my experiences. They told me some really big secrets and then sequestered me at the Ritz-Carlton for the past four weeks so I wouldn't tell you. Ok that last part didn't happen but they did say we couldn't share until it was officially announced so make certain that you stay tuned for a really cool announcement from the park tomorrow morning. I will share further details tomorrow.


Six Flags Ride 2 Six Flags Ride 3 Six Flags Ride 4 Six Flags Ride


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Please ignore my annoyed look on this thumbnail. LOL. 
I was just very hot and nervous.

I am thrilled to be a Six Flags Super Mom. I am part of a mom blogger team that has been allowed access to the park, the employee areas and some of the secret locations still in development. I have been encouraged to share how I feel and what I learned about the park. I have been provided with a yearly pass and compensation for my time. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Ann at Mundane Magic

    So nice to have a world class theme park right here in Atlanta. Enjoyed your video…and loved hearing about the food made in the park. (Blew my assumptions away!)

  2. Pam

    We have visited Six Flags over GA. twice this year. Such a fun family outing.

  3. That looks like so much fun!

  4. I have never been to Six Flags but it looks awesome! I’m going to have to plan a trip for my boy!

  5. I haven’t been to Six Flags in many many years. I like that there are multiple areas for the younger crew! And the food? Amazing!

  6. Tanya

    I have only been there once when I was a teenager. I can’t wait to take my son when he is a little older.

  7. We love Six Flags Over GA! We actually haven’t been in years though and we haven’t taken Lucas yet, but plan to soon. Good to know about the food and the younger kids’ area. Love that!

  8. I love Magic Mountain and how awesome that you are a Magic Mountain Mom!

  9. Sabrina Radke

    SUPER awesome! I have always wanted to visit here, and know my teenage son would love to go with me 🙂 I love the water rides too 🙂

  10. I LOVE roller coasters!!!! That red one looks like so much fun!!

  11. Love Six Flags! It seems like every location is so different. I’d love to visit the Georgia one sometime!

  12. That is awesome! I also grew up going to theme parks and now with my own children, plan to carry on the tradition!

  13. Marina

    Now that’s fun! I’m sure you will have lots to share on the upcoming attractions. Woot!

  14. How fun! We love Six Flags here in St. Louis!

  15. I’ve never been to Six Flags! I would love that River Rapids ride!

  16. I have a lot of great memories of going to Six Flags over Georgia when I was a teen. In fact, the Great Scream Machine (I think that’s what it was/is called) was the very first roller coaster I ever went on!

  17. This is all so awesome! I grew up in Southern California so I used to go to theme parks all the time. Sadly, it’s been a few years since I have been to any.

  18. That river rapid ride looks WILD!

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