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Make Healthy Choices and Get Balance Rewards

CollectiveBiasWalgreensLogoAre you making healthy choices in your family? Did you know that you can get rewarded for meeting your health goals?

This year, my family is making much better choices when it comes to our health. We walk together several nights each week. We all track our water intake and we are all making healthier choices when it comes to eating.


We also love to bike together and frequently do this on weekends. We have been wanting to sign up to do a 5K together as well. We are making certain that we do one healthy thing for our family every single day.

Walgreen Family Bike Riding

We are thinking of more ways that we can do something fun and healthy together. That is how we made trying to live a healthy lifestyle much more fun.

Walgreens makes it easy as well with Balance Rewards offering everything from points on purchases to points for engaging in healthy behavior.


With Balance Rewards, you can get rewarded for living a happy, healthy, well-balanced life and saving is just the beginning of this program. Shoppers can earn points by buying items and/or engaging in healthy behavior.

Have prescriptions to fill? You can get 500 points each, or 1,500 points for 90-day prescriptions. Easily set yourself up online for auto-refills so you can keep earning points.

Earn points on thousands of items by checking the weekly ad, visiting online and finding items in their stores. With as little as 5,000 points, you can get a $5 reward.

Walgreens Balance Rewards


Now everyone has the ability to earn points for healthy choices. How great is that? I simply connected my FitBit so I could track my daily progress on the app and then I started to earn points. In fact, I earned points as soon I linked it up to my account.

You will see below that you get points for all sorts of healthy activities and the app makes it so easy to report everything. Logging activities daily really helps the points add up. If you weigh yourself, check your blood pressure and enter activities daily, you will be well on your way to earning your first reward.

Walgreens Balance Rewards 3

Walgreens Balance Rewards 4

What I really love is that the Balance Rewards for healthy choices feature helps keep me accountable. I set achievable goals and get rewarded when I meet them. This makes living a healthy life easy by setting health goals, tracking progress, and connecting my devices.



If you are a part of a loyalty program, than most people will want to know how to earn points. This handy chart below outlines some easy ways to get points. Walgreens Balance Rewards Earn RewardsGRAB THE WALGREENS APP TODAY

Get the Walgreens app today so that you can start earning points and plan your next shopping trip.

Register today and start tracking your progress as well

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