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Make Healthy Choices and Get Balance Rewards

Healthy on a Budget: Affordable Choices for a Balanced Lifestyle


Are you making healthy choices in your family? Did you know that you can get rewarded for meeting your health goals?

We're really stepping up our health game as a family this year! We've been going on walks together several nights a week, keeping track of how much water we drink, and making healthier choices with our meals. It's been a great way to bond and feel better overall!

Healhty Life

Healthy Lifestyle


We're a big biking family! We hit the trails most weekends, and a 5K together is definitely on our bucket list. We try to incorporate at least one healthy activity into our family routine every day.


We are thinking of more ways that we can do something fun and healthy together. That is how we made trying to live a healthy lifestyle much more fun.

Walgreens makes it easy as well with Balance Rewards offering everything from points on purchases to points for engaging in healthy behavior.

 Understanding the Power of Balanced REWARDS

With Balance Rewards, you can get rewarded for living a happy, healthy, well-balanced life and saving is just the beginning of this program. Shoppers can earn points by buying items and/or engaging in healthy behavior.

Have prescriptions to fill? You can get 500 points each, or 1,500 points for 90-day prescriptions. Easily set yourself up online for auto-refills so you can keep earning points.

Earn points on thousands of items by checking the weekly ad, visiting online and finding items in their stores. With as little as 5,000 points, you can get a $5 reward.



Now everyone has the ability to earn points for healthy choices. How great is that? I simply connected my FitBit so I could track my daily progress on the app and then I started to earn points. In fact, I earned points as soon I linked it up to my account.

You will see below that you get points for all sorts of healthy activities and the app makes it so easy to report everything. Logging activities daily really helps the points add up. If you weigh yourself, check your blood pressure and enter activities daily, you will be well on your way to earning your first reward.



What I really love is that the Balance Rewards for healthy choices feature helps keep me accountable. I set achievable goals and get rewarded when I meet them. This makes living a healthy life easy by setting health goals, tracking progress, and connecting my devices.



If you are a part of a loyalty program, than most people will want to know how to earn points. This handy chart below outlines some easy ways to get points. GRAB THE WALGREENS APP TODAY

Get the Walgreens app today so that you can start earning points and plan your next shopping trip.

Register today and start tracking your progress as well

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  1. I love that I get points for my walking every day,. I believe it’s 20 points per mile?

  2. Sounds great to get rewarded for stuff you do anyway! I live on a fifth floor walkup I am sure that is bound to get me a TON of reward points per day! LOL 🙂

  3. I am going to have to download that app! I workout all the time, so this would help me keep track of everything.

  4. deb

    I keep forgetting to log in and use my Walgreens Balance Rewards. Thanks for the reminder. Kuddos on staying active. I’m realizing I spend way too much time in front of the computer. I really need to get out more.

    Btw, I’ve ran exactly one 5k and I said never again. Oy. That was not my idea of a good time, but I’m glad I experienced it. Let me know how it goes.

  5. I’m a Balance Rewards member but I had no idea they were giving rewards for you taking care of yourself. I’ll use this a lot after baby is born this fall and I start working out and walking again.

  6. I have got to start drinking more water. Adding lemon to my water does help but I still never think of water as a go to drink.

  7. I’m loving my reward points for getting healthier! We have been walking a ton here too and we are all feeling so much better as a family. Good for you!

  8. Pam

    I love that Walgreens is making getting healthier so easy! I knew there was a reason I liked shopping there so much.

  9. The closest Walgreens is over 30min away from me. I wish one was closer so I could participate. I would hate to earn points/rewards and then never use them.

  10. I love the balance program. I did something with them last April and I’m a member now!

  11. Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven}

    I love my Walgreens app!!! We have a little church down the road from where we live and we like to go there and walk. We’ve got it figured just how many laps is a mile. 🙂

  12. Huh… they do make it easy for everyone to use it. I’m wondering if the card I have already is for balance rewards. I’m going to look next time I have my keys in my hand.

  13. Balance Rewards is so cool! I’m a very externally motivated, so this is perfect for me.

  14. I love this program. Balance Rewards is a great way to encourage us to try to fit healthy activities and healthy choices into our hectic lives.

  15. I love the idea of Balance Rewards. Sometimes, we need a little extra incentive to make healthy decisions, and saving money is certainly an incentive.

  16. I keep reading about Balance Rewards and the app-I really need to sign up for it! Saving money is an excellent incentive for me 🙂

  17. I am waiting for the weather to cool off here in NOLA so I can get outside and walk again. I didn’t know Walgreens had a Balance Rewards app, but I love that you can earn points for making heatlhy choices. Very motivating!

  18. I love the Balance Rewards program at Walgreens! It’s great to be rewarded for making healthy choices!

  19. I love getting rewards for being healthy. I am making an effort to get healthier and this sounds it could really help me.

  20. Camesha

    I love this. What a great way to promote health and well being.

  21. This app gives really good incentive to take care of yourself. I would get all sorts of goodies with my extra rewards!

  22. Definitely going to have to download that app! Great incentive to keep fit!

  23. i used this app all the time. so sad my insurance doesn’t use walgreens anymore though

  24. Veronica

    Walgreens is making it easy to stay healthy. That is what a pharmacy should be – a source for encouraging good healthy choices. I see pharmacies that sell cigarettes and that always puzzles me.

  25. I love the Balance Rewards program. I keep forgetting they offer points for this stuff though!

  26. I love the Balance reward program but hadn’t realized they did all that. I have since moved away from Walgreens and only thing close to me is Rite Aid. Need to find out if they do something similar I would love this. I love that they reward for healthy choices.

  27. I love that they are rewarding healthy lifestyles. That’s awesome you can earn points for doing healthy activities.

  28. I love how focused on health that Walgreens is. Not to mention the rewards you can earn!

  29. I use a similar app but the Walgreen’s one looks a lot better. I love all the options it has. It really helps to track your progress.

  30. How awesome is this. They are building a Walgreens near me, I need to look into this program when the store comes. I love rewards programs, they are a great marketing tool, that also works great for the consumer!

  31. This is really neat! I wish we had a Walgreens here! This seems so cool, I need to start drinking more water and getting some exercise in more too!

  32. I LOVE that Walgreens is doing this. Great way to encourage healthy choices!

  33. Great tips! I really need this app. I try to make healthy choices but it’s nice to have help too

  34. What a great example you’re leading for your kids by getting active together as a family! And I love how motivating it can be when you’re rewarded – I’m going to start using this app! #client

  35. I really love that Walgreens is doing this! What a great way to help the entire family get healthy!

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