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Curb Your Enthusiam

Have you seen Curb Your Enthusiasm? For years, I have been a huge fan of Larry David and the talented cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I have watched on cable and pretty much seen every episode. In fact, many episodes I have seen twice.

In “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David constantly finds himself in awkward predicaments with his friends and neighbors due to his idiosyncracies and social missteps.  For example, in the overview video Larry is confronted by a man in a wheelchair after using the handicapped designated bathroom – a harmless offense, but one that nonetheless gets him in trouble due to his uncanny timing and stubborn refusal to admit wrongdoing.  Scenarios like this play out over and over again in “Curb.”

Many of us can relate to the incredibly awkward social situations that Larry David constantly puts himself in. I seem to have that ability to constantly put my foot in my mouth or think without speaking.

I was once on a conference call for a project that I was working on (this was well over five years ago). It was another dull conference call where the leader was regurgitating a Power Point presentation that he had previously sent us. In fact, he was reading word for word. I think that I sighed a few times.

I put the call on Mute when my husband walked in the room. He asked what I was doing. I replied, “Another boring conference call. This guy is just reading off of a presentation that he sent us. We can all read that.”

The silence was deafening. Apparently I forgot to hit Mute. The guy took a few seconds to collect himself and said, “Who is this?”

Thankfully there were over 40 people on the call and I did not answer. My face was red for about the next 30 minutes though. What a close one!

Want to hear more about awkward social situations? Watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm” five nights a week!  Check your local listings here:

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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  1. Now that is funny! My face would have been bright red as well! ROFL oh my gosh!
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..A Sucker for Customer Service =-.

  2. ellen

    I recently started watching the show because it comes on after our local news now. He gets himself in the oddest situations constantly. His whole life is one mishap after another!

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