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How to Save Money on Laundry

8 Ways to Save Money on LaundryHow to Save Money on Laundry

The laundry rarely, if ever, ends. Unfortunately, the money you need to do the laundry does. There are ways to save money on your laundry. These are just a few money-saving ideas for doing the laundry. If you are searching for how to save on laundry, washing clothes by hand to save money, how to save money on washing clothes, does hand washing clothes save money or even how to save money washing clothes, our laundry energy saving tips will not disappoint. We hope that you love this How to Save Money on Laundry post.

How to Save Money on Laundry

Use the right amount of detergent

Do you know how many people just eyeball detergent because they don't feel like measuring it? Well I don't either but I am sure it's a lot and that is a huge waste of money. If you aren't going to measure your detergent use one of our all time faves, Tide Pods which simply need to be thrown into your wash according to directions. This is what we give our kids to use when they do their laundry which makes things so much easier.

Sanitize your laundry

Products like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is gentle on your fabrics, kills odor & bacteria and even works in cold water. This gives me the freshest and cleanest laundry which means no rewashing. This is exactly what you need for towels. It will save your sanity!

How to Make Clothes Last Longer

Baking soda

Add Arm & Hammer baking soda to your laundry. The amount will vary, dependent on how hard or soft your water is but man does it work wonders. We use baking soda in so many places around the house. Some items can be washed only in baking soda and still be as clean as if you had used laundry detergent. Those clothing items include towels, lingerie and sheets.


Use white vinegar in your laundry to save money. We put a cup of Just a little bit will help freshen and brighten your clothing. Add it to loads of laundry that you are washing in baking soda only and you will see a huge difference.

Load size

Wash your laundry in smaller loads. This will make sure that they are agitating enough to get cleaned properly. Remember to use as little laundry detergent, adding baking soda and/or vinegar in those small loads as possible to save even more money.

Laundry Hacks That Don’t Really Work

Water temperature

Wash your clothes in the coolest temperature possible. Even your whites do not need to be washed in hot water. Not only with this save you money on your gas or electric bill, it will also make your clothing and other items last longer. Hot water tends to break down the fabric faster than cooler water.

Spot cleaning

Just because an item has a spot on it doesn't mean you have to throw it in the washing machine. Spot clean it and save money. Be sure to check the label before trying to remove a spot. Generally speaking, baking soda and/or vinegar are safe for most fabrics. I keep these Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover pens with me at all times. These Tide pens help me get stains out before they even begin to set in.

Amazon Amazing Clothes Drying RackThe dryer

Save money when using your dryer. Be sure to shake out your laundry before putting it in the dryer. Clothes that need to be ironed can be removed before they are completely dry. Use the moisture left in the clothing to steam them. Check the dryer often as possible while the laundry is drying. Remove items that are dry or close to being dry. We also use this amazing clothes drying rack which can fit close to a load of laundry. If I don't need to dry my clothes at all, skipping the dryer will definitely make them last longer.

Saving money whenever possible is important. These money-saving ideas for the laundry won't make you rich, but they will help you save some money – keeping money in your pocket instead of spending it unnecessarily. Use these money-saving laundry ideas and see how much you can save. We hope that you are inspired by this How to Save Money on Laundry post. Happy cleaning!

8 Ways to Save Money on Laundry

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  1. Amy Orvin

    I do a lot of laundry in my home and these tips will really help me. I do most of them already, but you can’t ever save enough money.

  2. I love this ideas, Stacie!
    One of these days, I plan to make my own laundry detergent from one of the laundry detergent recipes online.

  3. Tim

    I love all the ideas! Especially the less detergent. It makes since not to follow the bottle’s recommendation. They want you to use more so you have to buy more!

    Barb: We have been making our own soap for over 5 years and wow what a savings! We can make 10 gallons for just over $3! Go for it!

    Stacie: I read an article from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur mom, that it can not only save money but make money by sending the laundry out to be done. The idea was to spend the extra free time on earning money from home. What are your thoughts? (I admit I am a bit bias in favor of it!)

  4. I agree with Barb and Tim. One thing I’d add is to make a big batch and use that to fine tune you preferences. Make a variety of smaller unique batches from your main batch. Sarah

  5. I didn’t know that water softener could help save so much money. It’s nice that soft water is able to clean laundry and dishes without using as much soap. I’m guessing that using less soap is also better for the environment, since there wouldn’t be as many chemicals in the water. Thanks for the tips!

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