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Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge

Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfishClean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfish

This Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfish post is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfish

Are there people who love doing dishes? I mean does that kind of person exist? I know that my grandmother used to find the process of dishes calming. I am not like that at all. I just want to get them done and put away. We hope that you love this Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge post.

It's not often that I write about just a product. I usually weave them into stories about how they fit into our lives and I give some information. This post is not that kind of post because I am pretty much going to gush about this product. DishFish makes some amazing sponges. My husband is a chef and I am a foodie. As a result, we have some really amazing cookware. Copper pots, ceramic and more. But I usually end up spending more time on these pans because I don't want to scratch them.

Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfishClean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfishAbout DishFish™

Want to know what differentiates DishFish from other sponges/cleaning tools? So did I!

First, the DishFish™ won't scratch even the most sensitive surfaces, making it the perfect scrubber for any task. These sponges are 10x stronger, 6x more water absorbent and 2x more absorbent of grease and grime than the leading brand. Featuring exclusive PowerCell™ Technology attacks grease and grime, but is gentle enough for sensitive surfaces. ForeverFresh Foam™ achieves absolute “wipe dry” results with better than cellulose absorbency. Simply replace every 6 to 12 weeks versus 1 to 2 weeks with others.

The texture of the DishFish makes it perfect for cleaning my ceramic dutch oven all the way and the fish shape lets me get into all of the crevices of the lid. Before it was hard to get to and I had to scrub for quite a while to get it clean but now the DishFish Scrubber gets everything off plus just stand it on its tail so it’s ready for rounds two, three & four.

Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfishClean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfishMultiple Uses for DishFish

DishFish’s sponges and scrubbers are household cleaning workhorses that are powerful enough to

  • tackle soap scum build-up
  • other gunky bathroom ick
  • effectively and gently clean even the yuckiest messes from all cooktop surfaces and ovens
  • aggressively remove oxidation, grease, and bugs from cars.

Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge #lovemydishfish

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All DishFish products can be purchased at

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We hope that you are inspired by this Clean with DishFish the perfect scrubbing sponge post. Thanks for reading!

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32 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. I WANT these! I have been trying to find something like this! My house needs a total clean this weekend including the kitchen! I will have to see if I can find these!

  2. Amy

    These are the cutest sponges ever! I totally want them in my sink! I am obsessed with washing my dishes by hand.

  3. Those scrubbers are going to be so useful! Anything that can streamline my cleaning routine is going to make me happy!

  4. I’m hosting Thanksgiving next week and I need to buy some of these sponges before then. I’m always worried about surfaces getting scratched in my kitchen…and I usually don’t keep sponges around because they smell nasty! Looks like these sponges would solve all my problems!

  5. Such a great product! I can’t wait to grab some of the holidays! Thank you for sharing it! 

  6. I like that it has a longer shelf life than traditional sponges. And while I hate doing dishes, it sure is cute, so that would definitely put me in a better mood when having to do those darn dishes.

  7. Jonna

    Those look like  a sponge I need to try. I absolutely hate bad odors in my kitchen sink and feel like I am constantly replacing my sponges and washcloths. I would love to see how these hold up against my family.

  8. Catalina

    wow! Now I am so curious to try this scrubbing sponge! Seems to be different and better than Others!

  9. I’ve used these before and you’re right! They are great!!!

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Look like a good kitchen sponge! I now remember that I have to replace our sponges so this Dishfish will be the one I will be getting at the store.

  11. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I have to get these sponges. Mine are close to being worn out and I need to replace them soon. I will also get some for my daughter. Her work takes up most of her time that sometimes she forgets to get stuff for her home.

  12. I am love with the DishFish sponges too. I cannot decide which one I like the best (but the dual sided one is pretty high on the list).

  13. Elicitfolio

    I love the fact this sponge does not scratch surfaces! 

  14. What a clever idea to put cutaways in the middle of the scrubber. I will have to give it a try.

  15. Anne Marie

    Those look so cute and practical! I like your other ideas, too, like using them for cleaning the family car.

  16. I LOVE this! Perfect for getting those wooden or plastic spoons, and it’s strong enough to clean those hard to clean pots and pans. Love that they’re non-abrasive.

  17. Kiwi

    This is the cutest! Look scrubbing dishes with this would be adorable!

  18. Alexandra

    I need this item! It looks like it would be so handy in the kitchen – and it is super cute, too 🙂

  19. Perfect for the big holiday cleanups coming up! I’ll definitely give this a try! I’m always going through so many sponges.

  20. What a brilliant idea, love how well it cleans spoons too – I always struggle to get mine really clean

  21. Shar

    Ooh this looks like something I need in my kitchen!  I am not a dishes lover by any means but it’s gotta be done so you might as well have cute practical tools 🙂

  22. Christa

    I actually enjoy washing dishes. I have a dishwasher but have used it maybe once or twice in the last five years. It’s a running joke in our household. This looks like a product I need!

  23. this sponge is great !! it looks like it makes things easier to clean !! yay yay !
    could be fun also for kids, let’s clean those plates lol!

  24. I cant believe I never saw these before. now I have to go get some, I literally need them for utensils

  25. Surekha Busa

    Wow, this is new to me and it sounds like a perfect sponge in helping cleaning the dishes.

  26. Lex

    This is exactly the sponge i need. I love the idea of having my dish washing moments as an adventure and this does it for me. Fun and Adventurous…

  27. Angela Fernando

    I really want to buy this! this is exactly the one I need!

  28. Those are such great sponges! We are actually in the market for some new ones, so will check these out.

  29. Joy

    It looks like it makes cleaning so much easier. Thank you for sharing. I will have to try them out too!

  30. Courtney

    Oooo what an awesome sponge!!! I’m also loving that it’s shaped like a fish!!! So cute

  31. Ohhh this sounds brilliant. Definitely need to give this a try, never heard of it before!

  32. I love this! I always need a brush that’s effective, but this one also comes shaped like a fish and clearly does a good job. Will look out for this!

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