How to help your child hold a successful lemonade stand
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How to help your child hold a successful lemonade stand

How to help your child hold a successful lemonade standHow to help your child hold a successful lemonade stand

Most children have a bit of entrepreneurial spirit in them and the one of the most traditional ways kids let their inner business owner out is through a lemonade stand. Here are some tips to help your child have the most successful one yet! We hope that you enjoy these tips on How to help your child hold a successful lemonade stand.

How to help your child hold a successful lemonade stand

Make sure your state and local laws permit it.

Some will require permits, inspections and licenses, especially if you plan on doing it near public events.

Choose a warm day and find a good location.

One that has a lot of foot and car traffic is always good. Make sure you apply sunscreen liberally and try to do it in a shady spot.

Make your lemonade stand stand out.

It does not have to be super fancy, but it should draw people in. Use brightly colored signs, tablecloths, and cups.

Price things fairly. 

Ask your children what they would pay for a product. Help them consider the costs of running the stand as well. This is a great teaching opportunity for children to learn how much things cost and how to figure out profit.

Help your children make signs.

Advertise the sale with similar to signs you would make directing people to a yard sale. Use bright signs, bold markers and legible writing.

Keep the lemonade cold.

A cooler with ice is a great way to do just that. Not only will this be the best way to sell it, but it will keep it at optimal temperature to avoid issues with safety.

Keep your child’s money in a safe place.

Never leave money out where it could be taken. The sad fact is, some people will steal, even from a child.

How to help your child hold a successful lemonade stand

Have definite open and close times.

If you plan on doing the stand for most of the day, have siblings or friends take “shifts”. This allows the children to take time to make lemonade to keep up with the demand.

Keep it clean.

Some folks don’t stop at child-run lemonade stands because they fear they are sticky, germy messes. Keep napkins and hand sanitizer clearly displayed for these folks so they know your stand is clean and well kempt. Also, make sure to wipe up any spills right away so things stay clean.

Consider offering lemonade for free.

One way to get lots of people talking about the stand is to give the lemonade away for free. That’s right. Don’t charge for the product. Just simply have a tip jar. Your little business owner might actually make more money this way.

Have a couple flavors available.

Many people don’t like plain lemonade. Offer Kool-Aid or even pink lemonade. Offer a premium product as well, such as making your lemonade hand squeezed.  This will allow you to charge more for it.

Announce your stand on social media.

Unlike when we were kids, there are many ways to advertise your sale. Let friends and neighbors know your child is running a stand and you may get some business that way.

How to help your child hold a successful lemonade stand

Inspired? Grab our tutorial on how to make a DIY Lemonade Stand using simple wooden crates.

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