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4 Fabulous Design Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

4 Fabulous Design Ideas for a Modern Kitchen4 Fabulous Design Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

Times have changed drastically compared to the days when a kitchen was a place that was small in size and hidden away from the rest of the house. A place where a woman cooked a meal,

and that was all it was used for. Nowadays, the kitchen is the hub of the home where a family can not only prepare meals but chat, work and play too. Modern life requires a modern kitchen,

so here are 4 design ideas for a modern kitchen.


The layout of a kitchen is of utmost importance. A poorly designed floorplan can ruin the efficiency of a kitchen and play havoc with workflow. When creating a new kitchen, it makes sense to

make a few notes on how you move around and utilize your current setup. When preparing and cooking a meal, determine where appliances should be situated, the height you need them to

be, the expanse of countertop you require and what type or size of sink you need, and where it should be located. Pay heed to how you work – you don't want to be continually walking back

and forth from one area to another.

Once you have some basic ideas, write a list of essential items you would like to include in your new kitchen and one of the things you desire if your budget allows for it. Take your ideas along

with a record of your budget to a kitchen store and meet with a designer who will help put your ideas into reality.

Cabinets and Cupboards

Modern kitchens are sleek and simple with clean lines. Gone are the days of fussy, shaker-style units and gingham valances beneath the sink. When going modern, think smooth, high gloss

cabinets with glass inserts, shiny stone or industrial concrete countertops, and minimal furniture. When most people think of a modern kitchen, they will envision a stark space with

minimalist white cupboards and a worktop in a similar color palette, bare walls, and limited clutter.

However, kitchens in 2021 are glamorous and stylish, incorporating a rich color palette of moody blues and deep greens. Natural elements such as stone and wood feature highly, as do shiny

metallic accents such as burnished brass and copper door handles. Herringbone patterned dark wood units are the height of fashion at this point in time, and these can be teamed with grey

countertops and natural flooring.


A modern kitchen is cleverly designed to utilize all available floor space. Cupboards are no longer only available in one size and come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, from ultra-slim

cabinets in which to store spices or serving platters and trays to corner cupboards with rotating inserts for easy access to the contents. Most modern kitchens will have floor to ceiling cabinets

that cover the full expanse of a wall and have appliances such as refrigerators and freezers built in.


Lighting can make or break a kitchen. Modern spaces can be given a sophisticated look with the inclusion of glam light fittings such as a row of mini pendant lights hanging over an island or a

magnificent crystal chandelier dangling from the center of the ceiling. Lighting should create a moody ambiance and never be harsh and fluorescent. The latest trend is to use desk lamps and

standards lamps such as those you would use to furnish a lounge; as decorative and purposeful items in the kitchen.


Appliances are one of the defining features of a modern kitchen. Most devices are built in and hidden from sight behind a cabinet door so as to make the space look like it is filled with stylish

pieces of furniture rather than bulky white goods. Hobs come in a range of styles and can be placed in the middle of an island, which allows for a more pleasant form of cooking. Induction

hobs are very flat and streamlined and can look quite attractive sitting on a countertop underneath an equally elegant extractor hood. Extractor hoods look like pieces of modern art hanging

from your kitchen ceiling.

If you want your kitchen to look a bit more minimalist, you can incorporate pop-up extractor fans that close flush with the countertop when not in use. Similarly, you can install pop-up power sockets. For some added luxury, you may want to treat yourself to a built-in coffee maker or wine cooler. These have such a stylish look that they wouldn’t look out of place in a spaceship.

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