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Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee

Hatch Show Print in Nashville TennesseeHatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee

Two Brothers, Charles R. and Herbert H. Hatch, established their historic print shop Hatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee in 1879. Their first job was printing handbills for an upcoming appearance by Reverend Henry Ward Beecher, brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Their distinctive style that balanced type size and colors as well as horizontal and vertical layout would earn them additional work creating posters designed to create excitement for vaudeville acts, sporting events, circus performances and minstrel shows. Hatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee does not disappoint.

Hatch Show Print in Nashville TennesseeSee Hatch everywhere

Adorning windows and the sides of buildings, these unique posters would inform people when these productions were coming to town. Hatch Show Print flourished during this heyday of get-up-and-go show business by incorporating a mix of American history, southern culture and entertainment. The company’s golden age was from the early 1920s to the mid-1950s as Hatch Show Print would help usher in the growth of country music.

Hatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee Hatch Show Print in Nashville TennesseeHatch Show Print today

The print shop maintains a close working relationship with the Grand Ole Opry. The company’s original location was right behind the Ryman Auditorium, the Mother Church of Country Music. In addition to legendary country music performers, Hatch also produced show posters for well-known jazz and blues entertainers like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.
The company would apply their same distinctive style to small jobs for movie theaters, stores and filling stations. In an age of modern offset printing and digital designs, the Hatch Show Print continues to utilize their time-honored letterpress style to create a unique look and texture that is still in demand by artists and advertisers from around the world. Hatch designs and prints 500 or more posters each year. The company also assisted in the design of a U.S. postal stamp.
Hatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee

Hatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee Hatch Show Print in Nashville TennesseeHatch Show Print Tour

After more than 10 years on lower Broadway, Hatch Show Print now occupies four separate spaces at 224 5th Avenue South in Nashville Tennessee. During the hour-long guided tour, guests learn about the company’s history and the techniques behind letterpress printing. While the Space for Design enables visitors to watch demonstrations and then hand ink the final color for a poster made with classic wood block type from the company’s historic collection.

Hatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee There is also the opportunity to use some of the tools to create their own commemorative poster. The Haley Gallery features displays of historic prints and posters. The large print shop enables guests to view current posters rolling off the presses. There is also a company store. Visit Hatch Show Print in Nashville Tennessee today!

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  1. That looks like a really neat tour! How fun to learn about print shops. How cool that this place helped to usher in country music! 

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