4 Ways To Keep Airfares Low on Your Next Family Vacation
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Ways To Keep Airfares Low on Your Next Family Vacation

 Explore Budget-Friendly Airfares on Family Vacation

Family vacations can be challenging. There are many moving parts to contend with, and to top it all off, they’re becoming increasingly expensive. Airfares are generally the biggest expense, but thankfully, there are a few ways we can bring these costs down. From the world of baggage fees to breaking down the best day to book flights, we cover it all in this guide to airfares. Keep Airfares Low on Your Next Family Vacation


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Embracing the World of Low-Cost Airlines

When most people think of low-cost airlines, they tend to think of corners being cut and cramped, uncomfortable cabins. In actual fact, the reality is very different. While it’s true that low-cost airlines operate with a lean business model, this doesn’t mean that they’re cutting corners. Instead, they cut out the things that aren’t really essential and instead focus solely on getting you to your destination safely and comfortably.

Another incorrect assumption about low-cost airlines in North America is that they only operate domestically. One only has to look at flights with eDreams to see that this isn’t true. Their platform is able to identify cheap flights from a number of low-cost carriers, including Volaris, Allegiant Air, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue. These airlines offer flights from all over the US that reach into many parts of Latin America, including everywhere from Oaxaca to Bermuda to Quito to Bogota. Keep Airfares Low on Your Next Family Vacation

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The Art of Last-Minute Bookings

The next tip involves another incorrect assumption, and this time, it has to do with last-minute bookings. Popular belief suggests that the later you book, the higher the price, but this isn’t always true. Airlines don’t like their planes being empty, and they will often drop their fares substantially in the run-up to departure if it looks like there’s going to be some empty seats.

This is not to say that you should never book flights until the day before you plan to travel, but the budget deals that sometimes appear later on mean that this is certainly an option worth considering.

Flexibility is key when it comes to scoring these deals, and that is true when booking flights in general. Are your dates flexible? How much of an inconvenience would it be to catch a 3:00 AM flight? Often flexibility is difficult when planning a family vacation, but the more flexible you are, the better chance you’ll have of finding good value flights.

4 Ways To Keep Airfares Low on Your Next Family Vacation

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Decoding the Baggage Fee Maze

It sometimes feels like you need an advanced degree to understand the way baggage fees vary from one airline to the next. Some airlines may appear to offer bargain prices until you read the fine print. Even though there are a thousand other things you’d rather be doing, you have to scrutinise these costs carefully when comparing flights, especially when you’re a travelling family with lots of luggage.

One important thing to consider is just how much check-in luggage you really need. It’s common for people to pack way more items than they’ll actually need, and the cost of these extra kilograms can add up. This is especially true if you are going to consider low-cost airlines that typically charge extra for checked bags. You might even find that if each member of the family maxes out their carry-on allowance, you might be able to squeeze all the remaining items into one or two checked bags.

While you’re scrutinising the fine print, make sure to keep an eye out for additional charges that aren’t immediately obvious. This could be related to oversized luggage or special items like sports equipment or musical instruments. These can significantly increase costs beyond what was initially projected. The Civil Aviation Authority can provide more tips for how to properly check your baggage allowance before you fly.

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Looking Beyond the Ticket Price

The final tip is to look beyond the ticket price and look at all the associated costs that come with it. For example, some low-cost airlines help keep their fares down by flying into airports located further from city centres. This means you may end up paying more for taxis, buses or trains to reach your final destination. Keep Airfares Low on Your Next Family Vacation

As well as that, many airlines have costs beyond the basic fare for everything from seat selection to meals to Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment. It’s important to think about everything you will need from the time you leave your house until you arrive at your destination’s accommodation and how the prices compare. This way, you can prioritise which extras you may need and which you can do without or find other solutions for.

With just a few tweaks to your travel planning process, you might be surprised by the savings you can make. Be open-minded and as flexible as possible, and make your next family vacation a great one.

4 Ways To Keep Airfares Low on Your Next Family Vacation

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