How to handle children who are depressed kids feeling down
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How to handle children who are depressed


How to handle children who are depressed

Mental illness depression is a clinical disease that should be treated just like any other disease. Normally, when a person suffers from physical illness or injury people opt for treatment but for mental illness or neurosis parents shy away from getting their children treated because of fear of society and unwillingness to accept the fact that their child is depressed. But clinical depression is a disease that should be treated and parents should actively participate in the treatment and seek a psychologist who actively communicated with the patient rather than just providing antidepressants. We hope that find this How to handle children who are depressed post useful.

So what should a parent do to support a child suffering from clinical depression?

How to handle children who are depressed

Have patience

Being a patient with the patient of depression is important and essential part of the recovery process. It is normal to feel frustrated and worried about the child suffering from depression. It is important to understand that the situation will not change overnight and it a process that may exhaust physically and emotionally but the healing will happen with patience and endurance.

Maintain healthy communication

Children suffering from depression have the tendency to isolate themselves. It is essential to have healthy communication with them, have routine discussions and most importantly do physical activities with them. There are many ways to help your child, such as animal support. Even as small as going for grocery shopping or a stroll or cooking together will help to rekindle the bond and make them feel protected and assured.

Go for joint counseling

Joint sessions with parents help the children to open up with them and also give them an insight into the progress of their children. There are many psychologists who give joint counseling sessions that help them to solve unresolved issues between the parents and siblings, bridge the communication gap and create a harmonious relationship.



Be empathetic

Often people confuse sympathy with empathy but with parents dealing with depressed children should need to be empathetic. Empathy is the only way when a person can actually understand the dilemma and situation of the other person and step into their shoes. It will create a space of understanding and acceptance that will help the child to feel a sense of belongingness to get healed.

Respect your child’s privacy rather than being a detective

Keeping an eye on every move, behavior and action of the person will make the situation worse. Parents need to understand that a child needs his alone time to understand himself and get over his insecurities. It is ok to be vigilant and concerned about the child but it is also important to understand his need for privacy. So give him some space and rather than questioning or interrogating create a healthy expressive environment in the family.

Acknowledge and celebrate their recovery

On the road to mental illness, it is important to acknowledge even the small victories of the child and make them feel special. It will make them feel confident and give them strength to try new things and risk in life. So celebrate small victories of the child and encourage him to try new things.

A child battling with depression needs to be taken care and it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure a congenial and productive environment for the child to grow. Henceforth, it is important to make them feel secure, wanted and trusted which will give them the confidence to come out of their shell and face their fears for a better future. We hope that found this How to handle children who are depressed post useful.

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