Halloween Theme Party Ideas

Halloween Theme Party Ideas

Halloween Theme Party Ideas

When it comes to holidays, you can’t beat the fun potential of Halloween. This delightful celebration combines dressing up, getting scared, and eating tons of candy. While you can have a blast doing the basic Halloween traditions, like trick-or-treating or having a Halloween bash, here are even more ways to make the day that much more memorable including some fun adult Halloween party ideas. We hope that this Halloween Theme Party Ideas post inspires you. 

Halloween Theme Party Ideas

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Halloween Theme Party Ideas

Play Games

Take the Halloween spirit up a notch by planning some interactive games. If you’re looking for family-friendly fun, consider the You’ve Been Booed game, which is a great way to spread the Halloween spirit (even if social distancing is required).  

The instructions are simple. First, put together a treat bag or bake small portable desserts like cupcakes or cookies. Extra points for adding spooky but delicious decorations! Sneakily place the treat and the You’ve Been Booed placard on your neighbor’s step, your child’s bedroom, or your friend’s mailbox. Once they’ve been booed, they’re invited to send a similar surprise to three other people. See how long it takes before you have booed yourself!

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Parents can also put a scary twist on classic children's games, such as pin the tail on the monster. You can also delight youngsters with a creepy sensory game. Fill a bowl with squishy substances like spaghetti, jello, or slime.  Tuck some hidden items, like plastic spiders and fake body parts, into the mix. One by one, ask the children to rummage through the mess blindfolded. See if they can guess what they’ve found without looking!

If you’re hosting a party-oriented towards an older crowd, you can break out the Horror Trivia set by Endless Games and find out who in your friend group knows the most about 80’s slasher flicks.  There are also infinite ways to spice up traditional drinking games, like replacing the beer pong ball with a rubber eyeball or taking an orange-colored shot every time a member of the Justice League shows up at the door in search of treats. 

Halloween Theme Party Ideas

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Involve the neighbors

When it comes to Halloween fun, the more the merrier! Talk to your neighbors about setting up community-wide events and celebrations. The Nextdoor treat map makes it easy for neighborhoods to create an exciting trick-or-treating route for local families. After downloading the app, each household can choose their preferred way of participating. If you’re giving out candy, give trick-or-treaters a sneak peek by listing the type of candy you’re handing out. 

Neighbors who want to give visitors a good fright with elaborate decorations can list their home as a must-see attraction. Those who get into the Halloween spirit and plan on passing out candy from their amazingly decorated haunted houses can also list themselves as the ultimate trick-or-treat stop. Neighbors can also add a little healthy competition to the mix by hosting block-wide best costume events. Offering a range of awards, including cutest, scariest, and most original will challenge everyone to step up their costume game. You can also get pets involved by awarding the best-dressed dog or cat.

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Take a Trip

If you want to make this Halloween especially memorable, plan a weekend trip to one of these spooky destinations:

  • Salem, Massachusetts: Best known for its 17th-century witch trials, Salem is hands-down one of the best places to celebrate Halloween. Visitors can find everything from sorcery schools that teach the science of spell casting to Halloween-themed nightclubs. 
  • Sleepy Hollow, New York: The historic upstate town is the fictional setting of Washington Irving's books about Ichabod Crane and the gruesome Headless Horseman. If you travel there on Halloween, look out for Sleepy Hollow’s most famous resident as you explore the town’s ominous Gothic mansions and cemeteries.
  • St. Helens, Oregon: Every October, this small town outside of Portland transforms into a Halloween lovers’ paradise. The town hosts the Spirit Of Halloween Festival which features dozens of haunted houses, parades, and even a giant Jack-o-lantern lighting ceremony. 
  • Mexico City, Mexico: If you want to go big next Halloween, take a trip south of the border and experience the Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Unlike American Halloween, the Day of the Dead commemorates those who have passed on. Families even bake bread and sweet treats for their deceased relatives and share the meal at their loved one’s burial plot. Visitors can take part in the spectacular parades that feature dancers dressed as catrinas, or colorful skeletons.
Halloween Theme Party Ideas

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We hope that this Halloween Theme Party Ideas post inspires you. Happy Halloween!

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