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Halloween Party Games for Adults

Halloween Party Games for AdultsHalloween Party Games for Adults

Adult Halloween parties are always a good time, but you can have even more fun with party games.  It is best to choose games that everyone can get in on.  This helps to get the whole crowd involved and mingling together.  If you choose the right Halloween games, your party will be one that no one will ever forget. We hope that you love these Halloween Party Games for Adults.

Halloween Party Games for Adults

Halloween Karaoke

There are dozens of Halloween-themed karaoke CDs available,  These will have scary favorites like “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” just to name a few.  Have a sing off and let all of your guests vote on who they think was the best.  Have a fun prize, or set of prizes, at the end.  This is a great way to get everyone laughing and having a great time.

Pick Your Poison Adult Party Game

Halloween Charades

This is just like the regular charades, but you will act out things that are Halloween-related and scary in Halloween Charades.  You can act out things like Halloween characters, scary words, horror movies and items that are scary and common on this spooky holiday.  Get into teams so that it is easier to get everyone involved.

Halloween Bingo

Zombie Bowling or Boo Bowling

Zombie Bowling or Boo Bowling is something you can do in a hallway or a strip of floor in the kitchen or living room.  You can buy a premade game or make your own. You will need some paper towels and a foam pumpkin.  You can decorate the paper towels so they look like ghosts by adding some googly eyes to them.  If you want to make this as much like bowling as possible, cut a few finger holes into the foam pumpkin.  Your guests would simply use the foam pumpkin as a ball and try to knock down as many paper towel ghosts as possible.

Stupid Deaths Halloween Board Game

Candy Guessing Game

If you want to test the palates of your guests, have a Halloween candy guessing game.  You will want at least 10 different kinds of candy and you should break off into groups of two.  One team member will wear a blindfold and be the taster.  The other teammate will put the candy in the blindfolded teammates mouth who will then guess the candy.  The team with the most correct guesses will win.

Halloween Murder Mystery Game

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween Scavenger Hunt can be really fun and you should have a prize at the end for the team who gets all of the items the fastest.  You can choose to do this in the house alone, or do it throughout the neighborhood for some added excitement.  Choose Halloween-themed items and break off into teams of two or three.

Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment

Whether you are looking for creepy halloween games, fun couple halloween games, halloween board games, halloween charades for adults, halloween charades for adults, sit down halloween games or even traditional halloween games, these halloween party games for adults have something for everyone.  We hope that you are inspired by this Halloween Party Games for Adults post. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Party Games for Adults

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