DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath Divine Lifestyle
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DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath

DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath

DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath

We are back with another super fun project this month. This DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath looks so amazing on in our home that the kids are already wanting to make another one for their room doors. How cute is that? We were able to get all of the supplies from Walmart but I linked to several dupes on Amazon as well. We are thrilled with the way that it turned out. We hope that you love this DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath as much as we do!

diy-no-sew-halloween-boo-fabric-tie-wreathDIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath


DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreathdiy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-12diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-10diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-27diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-28diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-23diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-24diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-25diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-26diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-17Directions:

  1. I like to paint all of my items so they can dry while I work on the rest. Paint 1 orange snake with Glitter Paint in White Opal. Let dry. Paint 2 black snakes with Glitter paint in Black Opal. Let dry. Add orange accents to 1 black snake using High Gloss paint in Tangerine. Let dry. Add black dots to the orange snake using High Gloss Paint in Ink.
  2. Paint the BOO blocks using High Gloss Paint in Ink. Let Dry. Add a coat of Waverly Glitter Paint in Black Opal. Let dry.
  3. Cut your fabric for the wreath. Using a ruler or tape measure, keep your material folded in half and measure 6″ on each end. Add a mark with a pencil at 6″ or simply cut each end to denote 6″. Cut the fabric so you have a 6″ x 22″ piece when folded in half.
  4. Lay your measuring tape onto the piece you just cut. Cut into the fabric at 1″ increments. Remove the tape measure and continue to cut through the entire piece of fabric. Your cuts do not have to be perfect. They can be irregular or slightly off. Perfection is not necessary here.
  5. Repeat until you have done this at least 3 times to each color of fabric (giving you about 132 pieces of each color).
  6. Begin to tie your fabric onto the wire frame. The wire frame has four wires. Tie the fabric onto the outer three pieces of wire. You can certainly tire the fabric onto all four sections, but you will need to cut more fabric if you choose to do so.
  7. To tie, simply fold the fabric in half and tie a knot. Randomly attach colors or create your own pattern. I did not use a pattern. I just grabbed and tied. After you tie, slide your pieces together so they are tight.
  8. Continue to tie your fabric onto the frame until the entire frame is covered. Fluff fabric as desired.
  9. Cut 3 pieces of ribbon, 24″ in length. Line up the three pieces of ribbon, from largest to smallest, and attach together with hot glue. Fold the ribbon in half and attach to the empty wire frame (the inside circle one) and affix hot glue at the ends.
  10. Lay your wreath flat on a table and attach your BOO letters as desired. Use hot glue to affix the letters to the fabric and add hot glue where the letters overlap. Let set to dry.
  11. Use hot glue to affix the snake accents placing the orange snake onto the B letter, the orange and black snake onto the ribbon and tuck the black snake into the frame adding a dollop of hot glue so it sticks.
  12. Hang as desired.

We hope that you are inspired by this DIY No Sew Halloween BOO Fabric Tie Wreath. Happy crafting and Happy Halloween!

diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-29 diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-2diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-3diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-4diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-5diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-6diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-7diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-8diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-9diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-17 diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-16 diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-19 diy-halloween-boo-scrap-fabric-wreath-15



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  1. That is so adorable. The biggest selling point for me is how easy it is. I’m all about crafty if it’s EASY!

  2. Catherine Sargent

    This is such a cute Halloween wreath. I love that no sewing is required to make it.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love making my own wreaths for holidays and seasons. This one is super cute, I have never made one like this before.

  4. What a lovely wreathe! And homemade, just like my MIL used to make when they had a house! I love the snakes in there!

  5. I like the colors of the wreath, perfect for Halloween. It looks like fun to put together. I can see this being a cool weekend family project.

  6. What a festive decor creation that can easily last for years to come. I can hardly thread a needle, so I love that this is a no sew DIY as well.

  7. I love the rag rug look of this wreath! It is so festive and simple to make!

  8. That wreath is so cute! I would love to have this hanging on my front door!

  9. Now, I can make this! No sew projects are my jam haha Adorable!

  10. That’s so cute! I have slowly started rolling out y Halloween decorations, but I’d love this on my door.

  11. I love this festive wreath. I actually seen the fabric wreaths before but with the snakes added gives it a fun texture great addition!

  12. This is adorable. So very adorable and I wish I could order one and it get across the pond before Halloween!

  13. This looks so easy to make! I love those plastic snakes! So cute!!

  14. Jeanine

    This is gorgeous! What a really great idea for a front door. Very spooky and perfect for halloween yet super gorgeous too! I LOVE IT!

  15. That is So fun to do! I have been looking for a project to do with the kiddos and I think this one will be fun for us all to do together! 

  16. That turned out super cute! I need to make a Halloween wreath soon.

  17. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love this wreath idea. I will have to make one this weekend. I have everything I need already.

  18. This may be one of the cutest Halloween wreaths I have ever seen. I absolutely love the snakes! What a fun idea!

  19. What an adorable decorating idea. I love it. I am not very handy with a sewing machine. I think this is a craft I can actually do. Cannot wait to try it.

  20. Ourfamilyworld

    Wow, this is so cute. We will make this at home, the kids will surely enjoy!

  21. Kathy

    That is such a great idea. I love all these Halloween crafts. I need to make one of these for my door!

  22. Oh, I love this! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love making crafts for it, so I will definitely be making this. Thanks!

  23. I have been looking for a great no-sew DYI wreath for my door and now I have finally found it! This is so cute and yours came out so good! Thank you for sharing!

  24. This is a cute wreath. I should make one for our front door too.

  25. This is amazing! I’m into seasonal wreaths but I don’t have a Halloween one, the kids will enjoy making this.

  26. Sarah LaFleche

    That is such a cute wreath! I love doing Halloween crafts like this because they are so easy and they always turn out so well.

  27. I absolutely love making holiday wreaths! This is absolutely adorable! It’s very similar to the one that I made this year which might be why I think it’s so fabulous! 😉

  28. This turned out amazing. I love simple crafts like this. Especially ones that don’t require a bunch of sewing.

  29. What a cool Halloween wreath! I would like to have one for my door. I might try and make this one later.

  30. Wow this is so creative and the color combos on the wreath are awesome! I would love to have this hanging on my door.

  31. I first thought that this craft needs sewing, but you showed how it’s done. Terrific idea to try this holiday!

  32. I need to have the kids help me make one of these. Adorable!

  33. Wow. You are crafty! That wreath turned out awesome. I love the plastic snakes. It looked so realistic I would have run away if I did not know they were just toys!

  34. Ah, this is so cute! I love that it’s a tie wreath, so simple and perfect for a weekend craft!

  35. love this DIY project, super cool and cute looking for Halloween! I’ll have to make this quick, it’s right around the corner : ) thanks for sharing this awesome project!

  36. What a cute Halloween Wreath! And I LOOOVE that it’s a no sew because I hate sewing.. LOL! Thanks for sharing this.

  37. aziel morte

    Such a great decoration, These are absolutely perfect on Halloween

  38. Amazing idea! I love that you can make this without having to sew anything, that makes it easier and convenient. This kind of design is also great for other seasons, all you need to do is just change the colors and the other details! So awesome!

  39. This wreath is super cute girl! I love decorating for Halloween, but haven’t tried making my own wreath. I would love to give this a whirl.

  40. brianne

    I absolutely love this wreath so much! What a great project to do and I’m sure my daughters would it! 

  41. Wow, how nice! Thank you for this idea, I was just about to help decorate some school halls and this just looks perfect for the orange themes we have there.

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