15 Last Minute EASY DIY Halloween Costumes

15 Last Minute EASY DIY Halloween Costumes

White Ghost on Black Background


Sweatsuit of color choice depending on what color cat you would like to be. Get matching slippers and gloves. Make a tail by taking a piece of fabric sewing it into a tube. Stuff the tube with whatever stuffing you have around and attach with a safety pin.  Make cat ears out of matching fabric and cut out smaller pink or white pieces to put in the centers of the ear glue onto a headband.  The final touches can be made with eyeliner drawing on whiskers and making a black dot for a nose.


Take a white sweatsuit and with indelible ink or sharpies color on spots.  Cut ears from black fabric or felt and glue onto a headband.  Use a little face paint to paint on whiskers and a nose and all done!


Use a pink sweatsuit and put on black gloves and shoes to mimic the hooves. Make a tail out of pink pipe cleaners and ears out of cut out fabric glued to a headband.


Take a pair of overalls and a flannel shirt. and dirty them up with some charcoal add some straw into the pockets and put on a straw hat with some yarn glued to it to add some color to your hair rub a little charcoal on your face and hands and you have one pretty awesome scarecrow.


Take a black sweat suit and pin socks, a little towel, a dryer sheet, etc. to it.  Mousse and spray your hair to stand on end.  For a little fun buy a cheap can of washout color spray to add some pizzazz to the outfit.


Dress your child in a black sweat suit, paint “bones” using glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.  Finish with scary make-up and a top hat.  Don't forget to paint your kids face white with black accent to accentuate the bone structure of the face.


Use a pair of Dad's old pants or overalls, a beat up hat and a flannel shirt.  Use an eyeliner pencil (black or brown) to shade in some beard “stubble”.  If you like, you can stuff the shirt with wadded up newspaper or a throw pillow to make a big belly.


Torn up jeans (all kids have 'em), a a tie-dyed T-shirt or an old rock band concert shirt (Grateful Dead?), and some sneakers.  Tie a bandanna around the kid's head and finish off with a pair of wire sunglasses and some love beads.


Everyone has an old white sheet, right?  If you don't, get one cheap at the Wal-Mart (about $4).   Color two large round eye-holes with a permanent black marker, then cut out the middle to make spooky black-rimmed eyes.  Get creative and add a hat and make a mouth using black permanent marker or felt.


Blow up small round purple or green balloons to about 6″ in diameter.  Dress your child in the same color pants and shirt (if you can match the color of the balloons, that's perfect – if not use black or brown).  Use safety pins to attach the balloons to the child's clothing.


Black pants and black collar shirt, with a red scarf tied around the waist.  Add a black felt hat, black eye mask and black cape.


White T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, rolled up jeans and sneakers or penny loafers.  Slick the child's hair back in a “ducktail” with styling gel.  If you have a red windbreaker, he becomes James Dean.  A black jacket makes him the Fonz.


Black long-sleeved shirt and black pants.  Paint the child's face white with commercial skin paint.   Add black triangles over eyes for expression and red lips with a large cupid's bow.   A red beret makes it more authentic.


Grab an old tank top and shorts.  Wear those and some tennis shoes.  Print off a running number from your computer and pin it on the tank top with safety pins.  Be creative add a hat or towel over the shoulders and find a medal on a ribbon to wear.


Child or adult sized onsie pajamas and slippers.  Make a bib with velcro and random fabric around the house.  Cut the fabric to look proportional on you or your child and add velcro for the final touch.  Buy a ring pop to use as a pacifier and you are golden.

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