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Grilling Out with Pompeian

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9205503600_c710c540e8_cThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pompeian Olive Oil.

We eat a lot of grilled chicken. My entire family loves it so it just kind of seems to be a no brainer when it comes to choosing what to make for dinner.

Did you know that the Mediterranean diet continues to remain top of the line due to its countless health benefits and delicious flavor components? This is not at all surprising to me. 

Pompeian Olive Oil has long been a staple in our pantry. We love cooking with olive oil and I especially love the little bit of flavor that it adds to our food.



Pompeian Olive Oil offers a number of grilling essentials, including Pompeian Grapeseed Oil and OlivExtra Mediterranean Blend. Pompeian Grapeseed Oil has one of the highest smoke points of all oils, making it the perfect all-natural tool for prepping your grill before cooking. Pompeians’ OlivExtra Mediterranean Blend is a healthy combination of canola, extra virgin and grapeseed oil, which represent key components of the Mediterranean diet. The higher smoke point and unique flavor combination of this innovative blend make it ideal for everything from salads to grilling marinades.


July is National Grilling Month, and to celebrate, Pompeian, a leader in olive oils and vinegars, is sharing simple tips and recipes to help you get a taste of the Mediterranean without leaving your backyard, such as swapping butter or vegetable oil for Pompeian Grapeseed Oil or OlivExtra Premium Mediterranean blend and combining Pompeian oils and vinegars in place of bottled dressings and marinades.



Pompeian Olive Oil is partnering with Hungry Girl to create easy-to-follow, healthy grilling recipes that are inspired by the Mediterranean diet. Lisa Lillien, also known as Hungry Girl, has created three delicious grilling recipes using the Pompeian family of products for all of your summer cookout occasions, including: Hungry Grilled Romaine SaladJalapeno Peach Shrimp SkewersSpicy Mustard Chicken Kebabs




They have some really great looking recipes on the  Pompeian Olive Oil site and in fact, we tried one. We made the Sweet Lime and Blueberry Pomegranate Vinegar Marinade shown on the Pompeian website and it was absolutely delicious.

COOKING TIP: Brush a little Pompeian Olive Oil on your grill before cooking chicken and it tends to stick less.

Next time we are planning to make the Spicy Mustard Chicken Kebabs from Hungry Girl (pictured above). They are making me hungry just by looking at them.


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Pompeian Olive Oil, a leader in olive oils and vinegars, is here to help you celebrate July for National Grilling Month! Pompeian products give you a taste of the Mediterranean without leaving your backyard.

By using Pompeian Grapeseed Oil and OlivExtra Mediterranean Blend products you can make grilling healthier and more flavorful in a Mediterranean way. For more information about Pompeian Olive Oil, please visit

And if you are looking for recipe inspiration, be sure you do not miss the below Hungry Girl recipes!

  • Hungry Grilled Romaine Salad
  • Jalapeno Peach Shrimp Skewers
  • Spicy Mustard Chicken Kebabs

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pompeian Olive Oil.

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