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Mom Memories: Keeping My Favorite Photos Organized and Close at Hand

Annabella at the Pool Jumping in IMG_0024-1 Sony Vaio Tap 20

I participated in this Sony/Intel sponsored post with Burst Media, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

 I love that the Tap 20 helps me keep my most valuable photo memories organized, safe and shareable.

My children are avid swimmers. They constantly ask to go to the pool and I would never dream of going on vacation or even staying in a hotel without a pool. I have to drag them out of the water.

They have always been like this. In fact, we belong to two pools and alternate between both pools during the summer. We do swim team, swim lessons, swim parties and more.

My most recent favorite memory with my children was the day our air conditioner died. Now that might not sound like something that would be a favorite memory but it turned out to be a really fun staycation right down the street from our house.

We needed to get the air conditioner replaced in our 40+ year old house and they needed to order a part to make it fit. They told us it would take 48 hours and the heat in Georgia was getting to be over 100. We were miserable.

There were not enough fans in the house to keep us cool. Everyone was sweating. We were all irritable.

Finally, I had enough and said, “Everyone get pajamas, toothbrushes and a change of clothes. Then let’s go.” We checked into a hotel down the street and swam for hours.

My kids had such an amazing time and I loved taking pictures of them playing around.

IMG_0078 IMG_0031-1 Annabella at the Pool Jumping inLaurel at the Pool IMG_0067-1 IMG_0063 IMG_0045 IMG_0024-1



Uniquely smart and easy-to-use, PlayMemories Home™ software makes organizing, editing and sharing your photos and videos a cinch. Instantly import and sort your content by event or date. Then transform your favorites from ordinary to extraordinary with intuitive adjustments and stunning filters. You can even create heartwarming slide-shows complete with transitions and soundtracks in 3 simple steps. Finally, share your picks privately with family and friends or on popular social networking sites like Facebook® and YouTube™. PlayMemories Online™ service can even securely store your content in the cloud allowing virtually all of your devices to access it anytime, anyplace.

So this software is a really cool way to really keep my photos organized and keeps everything easy to find, organized by date or event. Look how easy it was to manage and edit the beautiful pictures above:


Sony Vaio Tap 20 Photo Screen 3

Sony Vaio Tap 20 Photo Screen


The program is so easy to use and makes my pictures look so much better. The filters are so fun to play around with that even my 10-year old son likes to use the software. We can even create slideshows with music! Plus, I can share with family and friends.

Sony Vaio Tap 20 Photo Screen 2 Sony Vaio Tap 20 Photo Screen 1


20” touchscreen display.

The VAIO Tap 20 features exceptional picture quality and a capacitive touchscreen. The 20” 1600 x 900 touchscreen LCD is equipped with IPS (in-plane switching) technology so you can enjoy a crisp image from any viewing angle. Backed by Sony TV technology, the Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 adds sharpness filters and noise reduction to display rich, beautiful content on your VAIO Tap.

Built-in battery.

Equipped with a built-in battery, for cord-free convenience, the VAIO Tap 20 easily moves from home office to couch for the enjoyment of all. Simply pick it up and carry it room to room without having to worry about shutting down and re-booting. Perfect for when you want to bring the VAIO Tap to the garage to watch a how-to clip on car repair or when you need it in the kitchen to follow your favorite on-line recipe.

Multi-position PC.

The multi-position stand lets you tilt the VAIO Tap to achieve the ideal angle for any activity. From an upright position, just push down gently on the PC until the position is perfect for you. Lay it flat to play board games or prop it up to read. You can even hold it in your lap while sitting on the sofa while surfing the web.

Sony Vaio Tap 20_family_paint-580-90WANT A TAP 20 OF YOUR VERY OWN?

Want a VAIO Tap 20 of your very own?

Sony and Intel are giving away a VAIO Tap 20 to one very lucky winner.  To enter, just tweet your favorite Sony VAIO Tap 20 feature using the #TryVAIOTap20 and #SonyVAIO hashtag for a chance to win!

Click here for a complete list of terms and conditions.


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I participated in this Sony/Intel sponsored post with Burst Media, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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