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GoPro HERO3 5GoPro HERO3 3 GoPro HERO3 2The GoPro HERO3 is an action camera is made for the adventurist. Whether you are an avid thrill seeker, or weekend hiker, the GoPro Hero 3 gives you the tools necessary to create videos from unique perspectives. By utilizing it's optional body and helmet mounts and waterproof case, the GoPro Hero 3 offers easy, hands free video capture in the most extreme outdoor environments.

The GoPro offers various upgrades from it's previous 2 versions. These include a smaller, sleeker design with larger input buttons, built in WIFI, a switch from a standard to a Micro SD memory card, improved resolution and a wider array of frames per second video capture options.

The Hero 3 can shoot up to a 4000p resolution at 12-15 frames per second. This high resolution setting will rarely be needed however as very few people have televisions which can display video at this high a quality. The 2000p resolution setting allows for highly detailed video capture at a more standard 24 frames per second.

GoPro HERO3At the 1080p resolution setting, the Hero 3 allows you to shoot at up to 60 frames per second enabling you to slow down playback at up to half speed without any choppiness. Think of the awesome slow motion videos you'll be able to create as you pull off your best tricks and stunts.

With only 2 input buttons, the Hero 3's settings are best controlled through the accompanying Android or IOS apps which are available for free on app stores. The new built in WIFI feature comes especially handy as it allows you to download your content wirelessly to your phone, freeing up space on your memory card and allowing you to upload your photos and videos on the fly to your social media accounts creating instant awe and envy among your friends and family as you live life to the fullest!

The GoPro App also allows you to control your camera remotely which is great for when you have your camera set up on a rig. Other features of the app include:
Live video preview insuring that you get the shot just right
Browse all captured photos and videos
Browse and delete files on the camera's memory card

The GoPro HERO3 offers powerful video capture in a small and sleek package that you can take absolutely anywhere. If you are the type of person that has a need for speed and would always rather be outdoors, this is the camera for you.

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