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Kindle Fire HD – More than just an eBook Reader

Kindle Fire HDKindle Fire HD Side Kindle Fire HD BackThe Kindle Fire HD is a top seller at Amazon because it is the best type of tablet for it's value. The Kindle Fire was expected to be just an eBook reader, but it turned out to be much more as users found that they could do everything from watching movies to surfing the web, and this is why most people began to just call it a tablet instead.


Watch movies

Surf the Internet

Read and save eBooks

Photo Albums

Save music playlists

Download games and apps

Save documents


Powerful HD Processor

Storage for HD Content

Amazon Prime Kindle Owners' Lending Library

Free Skype HD Video Calls


You have the option of saving some of your information from your kindle on the cloud. Each Kindle purchase comes with up to 5 gigabytes worth of storage for their device. This is much more than any kindle device should ever need, so this amount is almost unlimited. This comes along with the storage available right on your kindle itself. You should never run out of storage space, and if you do, you always have the option of purchasing additional space on the cloud.


The kindle fire is quite famous for it's extensive battery life. Most tablet devices are only able to run for a few hours while unplugged from a port, but the kindle fire can go for about 10 hours during mixed usage before needing to be charged up again. If you're just reading on it, it lasts up to 17 hours.


EBooks are one of the main reasons that people first look into a kindle fire, and they are still a major part of the device. There are many features that go along with the eBook reader part of the kindle fire.

First off, the kindle fire's eReader allows you to highlight any word and get an instant definition of the word. This saves you the time of having to look up the word yourself and makes it easier to follow along in harder books.

When you close out of a book, you page is automatically saved so that when it's opened again, you will be placed right back where you left off. Don't ever lose your spot again!

The kindle fire is the next generation of tablets that comes at an affordable price. The software on these devices is consistently kept updated so that it never becomes outdated and remains user friendly. 

Kindle Fire HD 2

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