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Enjoying Taste of Nature Bars

Taste of nature Logo We recently had the opportunity to gather some friends who we frequently mountain bike with so that we could all try Taste of Nature Bars. We picked these particular people because we knew that every single person like snack bars and frequently brings them on trail rides. In fact, every one in my immediate family eats snack bars so I invited a few family members as well. We were sent all of the flavors listed in detail below and when guests arrived, we had samples of each bar cut in small squares with a toothpick so each guest could try every flavor.

Taste of Nature Bar UnwrappedTaste of Nature Bars 3Taste of Nature Bars



Taste of Nature believes Real Tastes Good and I couldn't agree more. Taste of Nature creates delicious bars which are:

* certified organic
* gluten-free certified
* non-gmo project verified snack bars
* loaded with real, nuts, fruits and grains that you can see
* under 200 calories, too
* Nothing artificial
* no fillers
* no chemicals

With Taste of Nature, what you see is what you get with these bars. Each bar costs $1.99 and they come in six delicious flavors in the U.S.: Brazilian Nut Festival, California Almond Valley, Quebec Cranberry Carnival, Canadian Maple Forest, Himalayan Goji Summit, Persian Pomegranate Garden You can purchase Taste of Nature at fine natural products stores and grocery retailers. Check out the Taste of Nature survey on healthy snacking. For more information, visit tasteofnature.ca.

Taste of Nature Brazilian Nut Fiesta



A Brazil-inspired, festive blend of certified organic nuts, seeds, fruit and crispy brown rice.

Taste of Nature California Almond Valley



California almonds and raisins, plus nutritious certified organic seeds make for a great energy snack.

Taste of Nature Exotics Canadian Maple Forest



Enjoy the unmistakable taste of maple in this crunchy Canadian Maple Forest bar.

Taste of Nature Exotics Himalayan Goji Summit



Reach new heights in taste sensations with immune boosting Himalayan goji berries.

Taste of Nature Exotics Persian Pomegranate Garden



Fly away to exotic lands when you eat this fruit and nut bar with antioxidant-rich pomegranates, perfect figs and tasty walnuts. Taste of Nature Quebec Cranberry Carnival


This snack bar explodes with certified organic cranberries, luscious nuts and tasty seeds.


I can tell you that we like the bars (and we do) but I thought that I would also share some feedback from some of our guests:

“The cranberry explodes when I chew it and the nuts give it great texture as well. This is my favorite!” ~ Jen on the Quebec Cranberry Carnival bar


“I like the flavor of maple on anything but when you add a little crunch to it, it becomes even better.” ~ Noah on the Canadian Maple Forest bar


“I am all about the nuts. This one tastes the best and I would carry one or two with me at all times. It is the perfect snack size.” ~ Maria on the Brazilian Nut Fiesta bar

My husband's favorite was the Persian Pomegranate Garden because he loves figs and nuts together. We will definitely buy Taste of Nature bars again and in fact, there are several flavors that I am interested in trying.

Taste of Nature Bar


Want to buy Taste of Nature? Find a location near you. 


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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. I love nutrition bars. They’re such great snacks and on-the-go foods. These look amazing, and I love that they’re so good for you!

  2. I try and do the right thing when I’m feeling snacky. I like nutrition bars and I’m always trying news ones out. I need to try this brand next.

  3. I love bars like this. I am always on the go, so these are prefect for me to just grab and be on my way.

  4. I love healthy snacks. The almond variety would be my favorite!

  5. Those bars sure look tasty. My husband takes a bar to work daily, I will look for the brand.

  6. Thanks for the info, these wold work perfect n the diet I am about to start any minute! I need those nuts for protein, and I need some flavor if I am going to be able to last till my next meal with only a bar in the interim!

  7. I totally want to try the Candian Maple one!! YUMMMM. Like breakfast in a bar

  8. The bars do look delicious! I would love to have a stash in my car or purse for when I get hungry on the go. It would be a great filling, and nutritious item!

  9. Those bars look really tasty,I love bars like this.I would have to try them all as i would not be able to choose just one.

  10. I’ve seen these at the store, but have never tried them. After your review, I will give them a try!

  11. That picture that you took really shows how good the bar is. It looks so delicious.

  12. They really have a nice variety of flavors. My husband loves bars and he’ll eat just about anything. I love being able to give my 3 year old healthy snack bars that he loves though.

  13. Those look sooooo good! You can just see the yumminess from nature right in there!

  14. Gosh these bars looks delicious! Next time I see them in a store – I am picking some up for afternoon snacks at work!

  15. I love finding good nutrition bars for my son. He thinks anything in bar form is a “treat” so healthy versions are great alternatives for rewards!

  16. These look delicious! I bet my husband would love them!

  17. Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings

    These bars look delicious! Love all the nuts and different flavors!

  18. The Canadian Maple reminds me of pancakes. I tried one recently and it was delish.

  19. Those flavors sound amazing. I like that they are under 200 calories and gluten free!

  20. Those look delicious. I like the sound of the Canadian Maple Forest one the best.

  21. The cranberry one would be my favorite too. Thanks for sharing!

  22. veronica

    That does sound really good. natural does taste good

  23. Gluten-free snacks! We are always looking for a new snack to take with us on our day trips.

  24. Wow I don’t know which I would want o try first. They look great.

  25. Angela S

    Oh wow, these look so healthy. I’m sure I would love these. They would be great for traveling.

  26. This would be great to put in a sports bag! I love a good bar, I am going to have to try this brand.

  27. I keep these in my kids snack box. I haven’t tried on yet, because I’m always saving them for th kids.

  28. Carly

    Yum, these look awesome! We need some good snack around the house!

  29. I don’t know if it’s because I’m hungry.. But those look absolutely delish!

  30. I have never tired them however they look so good. I thnk I might try them now.

  31. Awesome, so glad to see these are all natural w/out any of the bad stuff. I’ve never seen them though, I’m going to have to look for them at the store.

  32. Those looks good. Perfect for on the go, which I am a majority of the time.

  33. Ive heard of Nature Valley Bars! The California Almond Valley looks good!

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