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How Does Your Family Save Time & Money? Achieving Financial Independence

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Capital One 360 Logo  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One 360.

What does financial independence mean to you? To me, it means being able to travel whenever we can. It means having a home to raise our children in and to be able to pay all of our bills. It means freedom.

My family and I work hard to save money wherever we can so that we can spend when we really need/want to. We grocery shop together so that we can make good choices and pick foods that are good for our family. We use coupons and deals to make the most of what we spend.

When it comes to travel, we also use coupons and look for deals no matter where we are going. We also have a vacation fund that we contribute to on a monthly basis. We also save time by mapping out ahead of time the places we will visit and add it to our navigation system. This is such a time saver.

When it comes to clothing, we reuse as much as we can from kid to kid plus we also trade clothes with my sister who has kids close to my kids ages. It works out perfectly because everything gets used three times. Then we sell at a consignment sale and split the proceeds. This saves time because it means less time and spending less money.

We are trying hard to teach our children the value of a dollar. All three kids have savings accounts that they contribute to on a regular basis. They get very excited to see their money grow.

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Since financial independence means something different to everyone Capital One 360 wants to know what you’re doing to get there. From packing a lunch or riding your bike to work, Capital One 360 wants to salute the everyday ways you save.

Family with child shopping fruits


As we celebrate the independence of our country, Capital One 360 is inviting Americans to declare a different kind of independence: your financial independence. Now you can enter to win one of several prizes that might just help you and your family declare financial independence.

By entering the #my360independence sweepstakes and sharing the ways you are charting a path toward financial freedom, you’ll be entered to win one of sixty-one $1,776 prizes.

How to enter:

  • Visit to participate by submitting a photo or post that showcases what you’re doing, or will do, to be more financially independent.
  • By submitting, you’ll be entered to win a daily cash prize of $1,776.
  • From now until July 14, Capital One 360 will give away one cash prize daily – except for June 30 – July 3, when ten lucky people will win $1,776 per day.
  • Examples of potential submissions include bringing lunch to work instead of eating take out, riding a bike instead of driving, and growing a vegetable garden. (Submissions can be text or photo submission via website.)

What does financial independence mean to you?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One 360.

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  1. To me, it means not worrying about if we have enough to pay our bills. It’s also being able to get some of the “wants” every now and then, not just the “needs.”

  2. We are very close to financial independence. We have a small student loan left and our Jeep. No credit card debt!

  3. No credit card debt, and I just paid off my car….woo hoo!!!!

  4. We don’t have credit cards or car payments right now, but my car is getting old and I know I will need a new one within the year, so there goes that….

  5. To me, it means being debt free other than our home and ongoing expenses (electricity, cell phone, water/sewer, groceries, etc etc). It also means having enough in the bank that you don’t have to be stressed when something unexpected comes up.

  6. I love Capital One 360. I can see my checking, saving, CDs, credit cards, stock and IRAs. It was a great thing for them to partner with Sharbuilder and buy out ING.

  7. Truth be told…. my husband works for a large bank and I rarely get involved with the finances. I should really pay more attention just in case something were to happen.

  8. For me, It means being able to not worry about anything bill wise. Even if we have to make our own (inexpensive) fun.

  9. To me, financial freedom is definitely having enough money to cover your bills every month, having a good savings account, and being able to get those occasional “wants.” We are working towards this financial freedom.

  10. For me, it’s living without any debt and not worrying that I’ll have enough to pay my bills. I don’t need a lot more than that, but I just don’t want to worry.

  11. veronica

    Financial independence is my goal! I will get there someday soon

  12. Financial independence to means being able to provide a comfortable life for my family without being in debt to anyone. Like Liz said, no worries.

  13. They have a daily cash prize of $1,776? That’s awesome and something I’d love to win. We’ve tried to teach out daughter from a young age how important it is to use money wisely and that we were not able to buy anything and everything.

  14. For me, being financially independent means to have no debt and luckily, we have been able to get rid of all of our debt over the last few years.

  15. Ahh Home is paid for and only owe on one vehicle.

  16. Financial independence can mean so many different things! For me, it is simply not having to worry day to day about income -not living paycheck to paycheck!

  17. Well, I’m headed over to enter! That’s a fun giveaway, with a good cause behind it too.

  18. To me it would be paying the bills on time, having groceries what ever we went to get, some savings, and still having the funds to go have a little fun.. 🙂

  19. teresa mccluskey

    I finally have no loans, no past due bills no nothing just my monthly bills and stuff!

  20. My husband and I have non debt other than our mortgage! It is a good feeling to not be burdened by debt.

  21. Financial freedom would be never worrying about money, bills or anything. Something I’m not really sure exsisted in the normal real world!

  22. To me, financial independence means no close calls! I would love to feel like I can go to the store without having to check the bank account first!

  23. Thanks for sharing this information! I hope to one day be financially free!

  24. We definitely work hard to pinch and save too so we can use our money to help others and create memories! So important to teach them young

  25. For me financial independence is being able to do and plan what I want when I want without worries of unpaid expenses or availability of funds. Thanks for sharing!

  26. We would like to be in control of our finances. Be a good thing to be debt-free.

  27. While I feel secure now, it’s always great to store away even more. I’ve been in a situation where my financial security status changed, seemingly overnight. It’s not fun.

  28. Great information, thank for sharing! Financial independence means not drowing in debt.

  29. We’ve been trying to get out from under debt by just picking a debt and making extra payments on it. That seems to really be working for us.

  30. Financial independence is being in a place where you’re not concerned about the next paycheck because your streams of income keep you covered.

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