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The Smile Quota

As a mother, I am constantly trying to capture the perfect picture. I long for the shot when all three of my children are smiling, their hair is combed and their faces are mostly free of dirt or whatever else seems to linger on them.

I will admit that I occasionally get a little frustrated at the lack of cooperation when it comes to me trying to take pictures of my family. I have to go through a little checklist with each child:

Hair. CHECK.

Face clean. CHECK.

Clothes properly adjusted. CHECK.

Natural smiles. Well there is where we have a problem.

I am pretty certain that my son is close to hitting his lifetime quota of natural smiles. For the past year, he has been unable to smile for pictures or at least he tries but it almost always comes out looking like he is just bearing his teeth.

Enter the photobombers. Since I am always telling him to smile, he mostly now does the opposite. So now I tell him to do whatever feels natural. Half of the time I get this from all three children:


But I no longer mind because in the course of these silly photos, I tend to get at least one photo like this:


And this is the kind of picture that is a keeper. This picture helps me remember the moment perfectly and just shares a moment of pure joy.

Those photobomb pictures above just remind of how silly my kids can be and they also remind me that I need to let them be kids. That kids don’t always smile and pose.

I love these moments and I love that I now let myself enjoy them all, smiles or not.

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  1. I like the colours, all of them!


    Trust me, it doesn’t get any easier when they are teens or adults. They will still be doing silly poses, but I think I like that rather than then generic everyone smile photo. It’s more real!

  3. Mer

    Some of the best photos are the silly ones! While I love my formal family portraits, the random silly ones often come with the best memories.

  4. Shane

    thanks for the fab giveaway!

  5. Wanda Bergman

    I love the colours! So much better than just plain old white!!

  6. Elizabeth

    What a great post!

  7. Shannon Lucas

    This post made me laugh. I am forever trying to get a decent picture of my daughter but the constant moving around and silly faces make it hard!

  8. Jessica

    thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. Caroline

    Your kids have great hair! Hopefully it stays curly like that!

  10. kim c

    Really excited about this giveaway – thanks!

  11. June S.

    All very nice colors to choose from.

  12. Natalie

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Great giveaway and your kids are adorable! i love when kids strike a pose for pictures. Never gets old.

  14. Vicki Hale

    Every picture of them, will be treasures, you will look back and see that you had 3 silly, fun children. I have a picture of just my brothers hands, holding a turkey feather, and I cherish that. Vicki

  15. Rachael Henzman

    Cute pictures!

  16. Looks like the kids were having a fun time!

  17. donna harris

    You have some nice looking kids! The best pictures are when they are themselves. I have many pictures of my two sons and a least one has to make a funny face. Yes it’s always the youngest! He still does the same even though he is all grown up but hasn’t grown out of the clown! To me all the pictures are precious to me.

  18. Christina Strapp

    Very cute, looks like they are having fun.

  19. Debi H.

    Your kids are adorable!

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